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Posted at 6/30/2010 02:47:00 PM

I'm currently online-ning using my dad's laptop :D
A bit hard cause I'm used to blogging in MF but now I have to blog in IE.
So much different cause the coding a bit hard. TT
+The keypad is a little difficult to control.

Yesterday, was a complicated day for my relationship. :)
But I'm still smilling. haha!
Cause he don't know what happens when somebody hurts my feelings. xD
Jaga him. haha! :D Haiz! I still love him but theirs somethings that made me hate him.
Grrr,, I hate this feeling :( Who asked him so stupid, asshole! ish~

Oh! I am one of the prefects of morning session nominees :D weee!~
I'm so proud of myself. LOL :3
Find my name at the picture above. haha! :D
Before the prefects announce my name, I was like, "Sure Priscilla tak kena" to Cass. :D
Skali tengok, Priscilla pun kena :D ahha!
Max, Cass and Mel want to be prefects too! Hillary say Cikgu Alvin say that can request to be one leh. So,,, Max and Mel want to request tomorrow :)
But Max like beria-ria want asked Cass to request also.
But Cass shy2 don't want to follow :D haha!

During PJK, Husna told me and Olga that their is one hot new teacher. :3
Haha! we hope that he'll be our BM teacher, but no...
Then me and Olga say that we'll confirm pay attention during BM. LOL
I got overexcited and say that, when the teacher haven't start teach yet, I already asked question. :D haha! Then the example question was, "apa itu kesihatan?".
Then when he explain, I'll stare at him. :D


Just now, during BM, no teacher :( Patah harapan :D haha! nolh~
Cikgu Yap sit in leh.
He asked me which subject is fun. I answer, "SEJARAH and BIOLOGY" :D
Then he asked me what about add maths? I answer, "ADD MATHS kh? The last subject I would say FUN cause I don't know cause usually I sleep during ADD MATHS period" .
(one example of a prefect)
Then he asked how is Cikgu Ling?
I was like "eyerrr cikgu! :D Ok lh dia ajar. Dia cantik kn?" :P
He say that he just asked about how is her teaching, I already fly to beautiful :D haha! Can see he blush! LOL~

Me and Max very bad ar! :D
Me and him always disturb Cass with Desmond. haha!
+ + Ladies and gentlemen! I proud to say that Desmond is a hipocrit :D
He really is. haha!
oh2! I even tell Cikgu Yap that got couples in class. He asked who.
I say, "Saya takmau bgitwu cikgu yng Desmond and Cassandra satu pasangan sebab nanti Desmond pukul saya" :D

I whole day in class always look at my phone. haiz!
I wait for him to message me. haha!
I'm playing hard to get while hurting he's feelings slowly. LOL
That's for hurting my feelings and deny it.
muahahaha! I'm evil. *shrug*

Moral of the story: Don't deny the truth.

Dhaa ^^

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