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  'Quick Update'
Posted at 6/04/2010 09:20:00 AM
This is a quick update. I start updating at 9.22am, June 4 :)

June, 2 2010

Today dear no come cause he off cause want follow people gawai. lonely lh me :(

My sales quite low today :'(
Oh2! I quite terkejut why my supervisor ask me not to wait for Daus every morning.
I shock, =.= , Maybe I think she don't want me to be close to him. Don't know lh?
Or maybe she thought I will wait for him cause the day before 2 June, me and him went into work together. Late some more. xD coincidence lh mie =.=
I ain that crazy to wait for him.

Oh! My district manager come. Daus say gaok2. I see like besa only leh. purposely want scared people. =.= the audit very nice leh :)
When I climb to get a shoes, he ask me to becareful otherwise he can susah hati. xD

At evening like that, less customer, me and Daus talk2 lh.
Then I dare him to wear the girl sandals. comfit. He say quite comfortable thats why many people want to buy. I was like, yeaa. :D Than I got take picture, but he delete. huh~
I laugh see him ar. Till can want to go shee2 I see him :D
But I lazy want go toilet. so I tahan. :P

Then I ask Musa help me get shoes at the top shelf there. I go talk to my supervisor and Daus at counter there, suddenly we hear BOOM! :D
Musa fall down. haha! :P Now this one I laugh till I run to the toilet. :P hahaha!
Last2, I pity Musa so I give the shoes commission to him loe. :P kecian dia~

3 June 2010

I wake up late ar! =.= 9.30am I wake up :P haha! Late2~

Musa off today :( Then Daus come late. =.="
I so scared he didn't come, otherwise I'll be lonely and kelam kabut :(
+Can't go dating lama2 if only me alone xD

Before Daus come, I clean half the shop :) Spotless ^^
Then when Daus finally come, I hentam him bagus2 :D haha!

I always go out with dear and Abin ^^ Kayo2 :D
Abin say that Bata shop the tauke hardworking, the kuli all kaki kayo :P
Oh2! When I go break 1 hour, many customer come. sial! When I in shop, customer less macam apa. sengaja =.=" Terus suppose-to-be my customer Daus steal.
Today my pairs of shoes, commission, and worth of shoes all less :'(

I end at 9.36am :)


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