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  'sad to say'
Posted at 6/19/2010 11:51:00 PM
Today is my last day :)

Got new kid again, Jambree the name, iban arh. But the name like islam name.
LOL. I call him Ah Jam. :D He so quiet. Nothing to miss about him. haha! :D
Just that I always bully him, ask him put up the Marie Claire shoes ^^

Anyways, I knew it! I won't cry because I'm leaving Bata. haha! :D
Oh yeah! I did cry just now lh,, all because of Musa. ==" , He go and bersyair..
He say that after this, can't see dear every minute, every hour lh. pa lh~
huh~ TT, Make my heart heavy only think of dear. I miss him :'(

Oh! Today I first time got disturb by someone with mental problem. :D Crack a little bit~
This kid, ever worked in Parkson for a few days, but then got fired cause of he's laser mouth and he rolled on the bed, ==".... Then he worked at Viss for two days and got fired cause of he's laser mouth too! :D
This morning, he asked from Bata. LOL. He begged my supervisor so hard, haha!
"I don't want bad news ar~ I want good news"
Then cun-cun I at counter there send shoes. He say that having 8 staffs is better than 7.
LOL. I count lh, only got 4 staff minus me actually. My supervisor lie! :D
So, then he asked me whether I'm a part timer or what and how old am I? :P I answer that I'm a full timer and I'm just 18 years old ^^ Just finish SPM. :P
He asked me why I don't continue study. I say that this December I go New Zealand. He say, "New Zealand your hear ar!". haha! Even he crack also don't believe me :P
Anyways, he asked me add him on facebook, then I write he's name and he even give me he's number. sweat. ==", then he saw that I spell he's name correct, he go and say to my supervisor, "See~ she more clever than you. You don't even know how to spell my name."
He scold my supervisor, stupid. waaa~ memang maw kena ini budak :D
Then he say that, "We christian should be friends. Give me your number". xD
I say that I don't know him and that I won't give my number simply. hahahahaha!
He even offer to reload for me. ==" Raymond, Musa and Azhar say that he is my latest boyfriend. eewwww! I terus go in the store helped to arrange stocks, hide myself. :D Hahaha!

Today, I memang kena teranjang habis habisan by Musa, Raymond and Azhar. LOL :D
My last day gift ^^ When want go back, they 3 plus Ah Jam wait for me to terima gaji. Then we go back together-gether :)) Then on the way back, I kena teranjang some more. haha!
oh! My salary is RM421 :D ahahhaa!
Ahhh~ I'm gonna miss them especially Musa, Raymond, Daus and Ah phin =)
I miss Daus, so long already he didn't come work. Today he got fired cause he always skip work.
haha! :D

I told Musa and Raymond that they will be the one I miss the most cause we knew each other for 3 weeks plus :) I told Musa that I'll remember what he do to me, :D
He anok me, he teranjang me all I will remember :)

Pris: Ingatlah saya abang abang sekalian :))
Musa: aih! sejak bila mak aku lahir kan kaw. setwu aku, adik beradik ku semua laki :D

Setiap kali mun mok carik kasut, ingatlah aku :)

Dhaa ^^

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