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Posted at 6/27/2010 05:38:00 PM
27th June 2010

I always go Spring. Can fed up anytime. :D haha!

This morning go church after so many weeks of skipping it. haha! :D
Well, after church go Wisma Wan shopping for groceries.
I went to buy DVDs at the normal shop. haha! :P I buy A-Team and Karate Kid :)
I wanted to buy Toys Story but haven't come yet. They say later evening come. Later lh I go buy. :P haha! I always buy DVDs buy never watch them, cause no time. Like When In Rome. haha!
Oh2! Then I went through some other DVDs at the other corner. And I saw..... o.O,,
A picture of a naked girl. Without shirt and no sensor some more. OMG!
The sales assistant was like, "ehh... ehhh" to me. :D haha!

+I saw Ah Ying at Selection there. So happy ^^ :D long time didn't see her liao.. Miss her damn much. ==" haha! :D
Ane cun she stand beside me. haha! We both turn around and scream like what ar..
Too bad can't take picture with her. huh~

Then after that, went home for a while. Then go Spring with dady cause he needs to present the prizes for the Spell-It-Right competition. And I'm following cause I need to buy new pants. :D
+right after church I got asked dady go Spring but he say cannot cause it's very hard to find parking spaces their. check2, he actually got an event there and he is late. :d
I was like, "see.. no listen to people just now.." XD

Anyways, at Spring I met Shaunica and Belinda and Zaharin :)
They enter the Spell-It-Right too!
I want to enter too but Cikgu Lee E Ling didn't tell everybody, only the ones she knows.
huh! not fair for me. cause her own son also got go.
Oh yh! Gapor made it to the finals, but lose epic-ly at the end. LOL :D

Picts ;)


I need to collect certificates :'( I have so little of em. huhu!

Moral of the story: Be heartbroken cause it will teach you to grow up. :)

Dhaa ;)

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