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  'this is a story'
Posted at 6/26/2010 01:53:00 PM
People, especially teachers like to judge someone. Here are a few examples of judgement.

Teacher: Priscilla! You finish your work already?
Pris: Already bh :)
Teacher: Yameh? I see!
Pris: (don't believe me want),, hey! why teacher didn't ask you?
Cass: I don't know? :P

Teacher: *looks at Priscilla work*, why you didn't do this question?!
Pris: ermm.. (lazy)
Teacher: *looks at other people work*
Pris: hey! why she didn't check yours?!
Cass: I don't know? :P They see my face alim bh.
Pris: where got alim! You didn't even do your homework.

Boy A: Cassandra! You already do your moral folio?
Cass: not yet.
Boy A: okayy...
Pris: You thought she already do har?
Boy A: yeloe.
Pris: why you no ask me? I already do bh.
Boy A: yameh?
Pris: you asked her cause you didn't think that I already do right?
Boy A: yeah..
Pris: and you thought she already do right. is it because of her face?
Boy A: *nods head*

Gay! people always judge me for my face. heh~

Moral of the story; Don't judge a person by it's cover. It's annoying.

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