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Posted at 6/19/2010 11:42:00 PM
18 June 2010 :)

My second last day of work. haha! :D
Erm... Nothing much happen I guess? LOL.
Just got new kid name Azhar come by the afternoon ^^
Not come to 1 hour, we already share secrets. ahahaha! :D
And by the evening, we were acting as if we had knew each other for 3 weeks :)

"Ko ngga buaya berenang meniarap kh berdiri?"
"Ahahaha! Pres ngga buaya meniarap. Bkn buaya gk nk meniarap, Pres jwk"

Joshua don't have leh. he quit already. haha! :( I kinda miss him. :D
Although we on Monday can meet again, but I still can feel that I miss him. :P
I miss him cause he is my dancing partner for the song Bona Mana :))
Everytime got that song, confirm we dance together.
In school where got can dance like how we use to in the shop. haiz!
+Kinda quiet don't have him. :P

Oh2, I reload RM5 got free 2 ticket to the Digi Live Tour. But I can't go cause I'm working :))
hahhaa! :D So the ticket just go to waste :))

Awh, after work, I go out with dear and Abin. Go watch movie at Star Cineplax :)
ehehehehe.. My first time watch with dear leh ^^
Thanks to him, my sweater smell like him liao :P hahaha!
+I nearly got kidnap at the cinema, TT. during the movie, I went out to the toilet, and then got a few boys they look at me. Then, they got their suspicious look on.
So after I come out from the toilet, I ambik langkah keselamatan. walk fast-fast.
I could see them chasing after me slowly. Then when I almost near the hall, they walked fast2.
Lucky tak sempat, If not don't know what happen. TT


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