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Posted at 7/03/2010 07:17:00 PM

Me and my 3rd boyfriend :) 1st is Jason, 2nd is Donghae. hahaha! :D
Pris: Dear,, Can buy me new shirt? :)
HIM: Okie darling ^^
(He's a better boyfriend than Jason) xD

Went to MBO just now :)
After no more working, almost every week I go Spring. haha! :D
Anyways, I watch movie with Fifi, Abigail, Ennette, Dewlyanna, Nida, Adlina and Rafidah :)
We watch Toys Story 3.. again :P LOL. but this time till finish lh.
The end very sad. :'( Damnit, I even cry. haiz!

Anyways, during the movie, water kept on dripping on my pants. =="
WTH~ Actually I was fine with it, but I was so bored, so I go and buat hal by complaining. :D
haha! So funny,, :D
Last2, they turn the aircon off. But the water still dripping. heh~ wth~

Oh yh, yh! on the way to Spring, Ennette asked me why I wear all white. I answer, Cause for good luck bh :) But then, it turn out to be the worst day of my life :D

I go DiGi centre to asked about my MSN application. useless! I install it yesterday, but I couldn't use it :( celaka! Then, the guy go and waste my credit by opening MSN. heh~
Then he go facebook some more, =="
Then after 20 minutes of trying to open the MSN, he finally gave up. LOL
so I go find them fifi, who apparently went to eat at KFC. without me.
Then I tried to open internet, but can't open.
So I went back to the DiGi centre. Heh~ ahahaha! :D

Regret I buy the nasi lemak :( I lose RM10 :( I could use it to watch movie some other time.
huh! why I didn't think?! haiz! Now I flat broke! huhuhuhu~~

Picts ;)

Me and Dew before the movie starts :)

Fifi xD

Them :)

Moral of the story; Think thrice before you spend money :)


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