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Posted at 7/26/2010 06:50:00 PM
Day 4; Your sibling.
I have 4 siblings. :) 1 big brother, 1 big sister, 1 little sister and 1 big brother.

I got the whole pack. :P and yeah, I'm the middle. ^^
I get to feel hows it like to have a big/little brother and sister.
Not many people has this kind of opportunity. :D
My big brother name is Kevin Muyang Tawie. My big sister name is Sharon Suma Tawie.
My little sister name is Steffie Tawie, while my little brother name is Jeffrey Tawie. :)

I found someone new to message with. Kent! :D haaha!
But I guess he's busy? D: haiz! I wait for he's message since come back school.
But he only message to tell me that he tertido last night. Than he didn't message me anymore.
=( i wait, wait, wait. haiz! I no longer wait for Jason. But I can still feel that I love him. :)
Anyways, I met Kent on facebook last night. We were chatting at Lung Wei facebook. :P
We talked a lot. LOL. Till we ended up spamming Lung Wei's facebook.
haha! hrmm,, :P
Grrr.. i hate this feeling. want to message him, but don't want to look like a bitch. :D
BTW, he post he's number to he's friends. So I told him that I would steal he's number and give it to gays. he say give loe cause he desperate for friend. :P
So I text him, saying that I'm gay ^^ At first he believe. :P but then, I gave him clue that its me. LOL
Ngahahaha! ;)

Just got back from PUM :) ehehe. me and Mel hardworking do homework at school.
yeay! tonight can sleep early liao. :P haha!

Picts ;)

Amar camwhoring. so cute ^^ ahaha! I just have to post this on blog. :P
sorry Mar ^^

I can feel sometimes that Imma bitch. :P Ahha! I admit :)
(not like someone) xD

Moral-of-the-story; Try to judge yourself before judging someone else. :)
Try not to be rude to people whom you barely know. whaha! :P



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