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  'Back-up plan'
Posted at 7/10/2010 11:21:00 PM
I will never be okay :( I don't trust myself.

Hrm.. This morning? waaa..
I got a short lecture :)
Today is what we students of the day call, DOOMSDAY :)
It is also well-known as Hari Interaksi :)
Cikgu Ling say me lazy, love to talk and didn't do my homework. :P
Lazy? maybe :) Love to talk? yeaaa ^^
But didn't do my homework???!! Got arr :( haiz! But seldom lh. xD wahahaha! :3
Dady say wanna put on facebook my results D: how cruel?!

anyways, Syamsul planned to go to Yong Su Ice Cream, but he couldn't go.
So I invited the LEEs :)) but when I arrived there, the parlour close :( WTH~
I wanna eat ice cream! haizz.. ==
So dady bring go office :( boring :( My kerja there read newspaper and message nia.. huuuu
But I got go Crown Plaza, :3 the sweet corn not nice! no taste! huh! waste of money :'(

After that, me and chacha go MBO. we want watch Eclipse :) But it was all full, TT...
Damn shit! ahahahaha! :D
So we watch Back Up Plan :) ehehe.. I want watch Eclipse with Kevin :3 he promise me liao.
haha! next week, next week :))

Anyways the movie was awesome and funny xD haha!
Thumbs up! :))

Libresse :) A new brand of pads ^^
Its free sample. haha! LOL.
The lady asked chacha to fill the forms to get one box of free sample :3
So chacha fill. Then the lady say, "Your daughter want also" :D
I was laughing so hard I couldn't fill in the forms. haha!
Chacha look that old meh? I look that young meh? :D hahaha! shocking betull!~~


I miss you :'(

Moral-of-the-story; Don't fall in love if you just realize he's not the one.
Dhaa ^^

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