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  'Between rocks'
Posted at 7/23/2010 08:16:00 PM
Do you believe it when they say happiness is found between rocks? :)

Today is Jason birthday :) haiz! when lh I want to give he's present. :O
haha! Maybe this sunday lh i go. heh~
I make he's present special2 :) haha!
Anyways, last night I wanted to wish him happy birthday at 12am, But :(
I slept at 11.55pm. Darn! :'(( if I know I'll reply he's messages to keep me awake till 12.
But I so stubborn, want message him at 12. :((
Last2, tak menjadi ==
I wanted to ask him what is his birthday wish. :P haha!

This morning got rehearsal for RIMUP tomorrow. But Betanians didn't go.
Nobody tell us de, haiz!
Tomorrow sure lost one cause they got do some performances. waliuu!~~
After school got ISCF. :P I got an apple for volunteering to do demonstration with teacher :)
"Hye Apple! :3 I love you!"

After ISCF, me, mel and Charlston lepak at blok A :)
we mengossip :D who knew boys could gossip as much as girls. Or maybe, worst :D haha!
Wait for time to come :) when 2pm come, all prefects-to-be gather at blok A there wait to be interview. :P I so nervous ar! Till during the interview, that guy sempat ask me don't nervous. :P

Interviewer: What do you think of phones in school?
Interviewee: It depends lh. If bring got good reason, than ok loe. If for bad reason, than tell teacher loe. :P
Interviewer: okayy,, But you do know that phones are illegal in the school compund.
Interviewee: *keep quiet*

Interviewer: What do you think of school dating?
Interviewee: It's good. But if they do that thing in class, than not good lh.
Interviewer: what do you mean by good?
Interviewee: erh~ *buntu* the boyfriend can encourage the girlfriend to study.

Then after that, Aaron ask all the prefects to go up cause want discuss bout the RIMUP.
Then when we go up the blok, Boon Yan ask go in front hall.
I was like, "Ngaiitiii!" :DD haha! so ma-fan us all go up. ==!!

Speaking of Boon Yan, Kevvy spoilt my happiness today :D ahahaha!

After that, me, Mel and Wati lepak library :) ahaks!
So fun, me and Mel take out random books and then the 3 of us laugh and talk bout it. :P
haiz! wish Dibby was there to enjoy with us :(

Then, Wati go back. Awww :( Left me and Mel.
After a while, it rains. So me and Mel go out loe, lepak with Jasmine, Mohd Noor, Harrison.
But then, Jasmine go back asrama, so left me, Mel, Mohd Noor and Harrison.
Then comes Afieq :P haha!
It rain so hard just now D: haiz! Sure Olga sad, thats why rain. >.>

Tomorrow is RIMUP :)
Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan. :P Can't wait. *winks*
LOL, I borrow bidayuh traditional costume from Larissa.
So, tomorrow I wear bidayuh costume. :D
ahakss ^^

Can't wait for tomorrow. Datin Hajah Fatimah become the guest of honor. :)
So, dady's reporter coming tomorrow. :DD
I hope it'll be dady, kan senang? kan? kan? haiz!

- I am the truth, the light and the salt. No one comes to my father but through me.
~Jesus :)

Moral-of-the-story; Never throw cautions into the winds.

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