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  'Love feels like'
Posted at 7/12/2010 08:31:00 PM
What LOVE feels like for me :)

LOVE is when that person calls you stupid, instead of feeling insulted, you feel flattered.
LOVE is when you give gifts for no occasion.
LOVE is when you just want to stare at that person eye but couldn't cause you're shy.
LOVE is when you smile at the memories.
LOVE is when that person did something small, but you can smile for 3 days.
LOVE is when you stay up all night waiting for that person to finish something than text you.
LOVE is when you dedicate a LOVE song for someone.
LOVE is when you think of that person the most.
LOVE is when your facebook statuses and twitter updates are about him.

LOVE is when you regretted you ever let go of him.

LOVE is when I LOVE YOU :) You are my Hopes&Dreams.

I blame myself for everything that had happened D: If I hadn't done what I did, nothing like this would have happen. I wish I could take back my facebook statuses, I wish I could take back my words :'( none of this would have happen.

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