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Posted at 7/20/2010 01:50:00 PM
Gay! Gay! GAY! :O

Ahha! ;)
He message me last night. to bad I was asleep when he message :((
I'm playing hard to get ;)

Just now got the ICAS thingy :P The australian english test. OMG!
I couldn't believe it that I took nearly 40 minutes to answer 20+ question. How great! pfft~

Today is such a boring day though :)

Haiz! Haiz!

Syamsul chia me ABC. :DD ahaha!
Oh2, yesterday, he lepak with me and Mel :) He's so sweet sometimes ^^
+Got this lady & guy from Swinburne survey-ing people :P
I was looking at the Swinburne guy, and telling Mel that I want to action2 in front of them, just so I could get survey. haha!
But last2, the lady survey Syamsul cause he stays nearby. :P LOL
-Hampa- xD

Oh2, yesterday me and Mel become pelarian. :P Lari from my ex :DD ahaha!
Kecian dia :P

This saturday got RIMUP, but I promise want see Jason. :S how leh??
+I really2 want to watch Eclipse. Grr~
I think after RIMUP, I go Spring with Fifi lh. Cause Olga is not coming :((
Then nobody's FUN going. haiz!
Hrmm.. She's sick. TT Get well soon dear Ga,,

I don't know want wear what for RIMUP :O
I don't have traditional clothes. hmm. Maybe borrow from fifi friend :P

Every night at 11.11pm, I wish something :))
Don't know whether it will come true or not? :P LOL

Moral-of-the-story; Don't go beyond limit of what you think you can't do without preparations.
But of course you can dream first lh. :P But just dream and not preparations, also no use de.



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