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Posted at 7/12/2010 08:00:00 PM
Syamsul so nice :O
He chia me eat Petrochelli, Bolognaise at Dellize just now :)
It's so awkward, I'm scared I did the same thing I did last time. haiz! :(
Then he emo there, again.. Then I'll feel guilty. I hate that :'(
I scared,, haiz! why he so nice?!

Today got PUM :))

I really so Happy-Go-Lucky-Emo again D: haiz!
I cried in class, ==!!
I really, really miss him :'( huhu!~
After talking to Cassandra, she made me realize that everything is my fault D:
CILAKA!? huhuhuhuhu~~ Now I regret, but I can't do anything about :"(
I'll just wait for him. TT,
I don't want disturb him liao. huhu!
Yesterday I call him till credit finish. xD haha! But I lied to ehemehem :O Say that my credit finish cause I wrong press, TT. Terus just now he also chia me credit D: MYGAWD!
Anyways, when I called him, he asked me why I called him?
I say, that cause I'm bored and really want to finish credit cause nobody worth it to finish it :3
haha! He say that, "Really? Not because you love me and miss me?" :D
I was like, "erh2! you leh? no miss me meh?" xP
He answered, "don't know?" I also answered, "don't know" loe :))
ahh,, today I pledge that I won't disturb him. :'( I hope I can survive TT

I make record liao! :3 two days didn't eat :D haha!
I don't have appetite since Friday, TT. haiz!
Then, just now after I finish the Petrochelli, gastric hit me :O
I think cause, got some people say that, if you long already didn't eat, then suddenly you eat, gastric come. hahaha! :D It's my first gastric, i think? :P
Cause I didn't know which one is gastric. Mel ensure me that, that is gastric xD
haaha! :D

Oh2! This morning I make Ee Ming shock :D Or was it scared? haha! :P
Yesterday I chat with him on facebook, I say that I will find him in class tomorrow which is today. :P I'll find him at class. haha!
Early-early I already go find him. LOL :D But I find him, bukan apa. I want find my senior Phylisca bh :)) ahaha! He tell Edward, that I really-really find him :D haha!
I really-really-really must have made him that scared. :3

+Just now after PUM I go pusat Akses want online. :) Facebook can't open D: huhu!
Cikgu Jessing just install that Kapersky thingy. TT, can't open anything that don't have faedah one. Blog also can't open D: But amazingly, my blog can :)) haha! But other people can't. heh~

Just now, fifi tell me, when I at school, dady tell mumy I got boyfriend :3 Mumy was like, "She memang got". Dady asked fifi whether she knows anything :P
Fifi say she don't know anything. xD +Dady says the way I wrote my statuses on facebook, shows that I have a boyfriend. :D But actually it's my emo status :(
+Mumy more clever than dady :D i thought dady know cause last time, so obvious I got boyfriend cause I put I engaged with him. xD Mumy know facebook also know that I got boyfriend. oh2! When fifi told me, I said to her, "But I'm single" :'(

My EMO status :3

They say you have to let go to see whether it 'll be back. :) if it does, its true love. So,, when are you coming back :D
Im not gonna change my decision till you make me to. Im not gonna disturb you till you come. Cause dear, i'll wait for you. I'll wait till end meets. I'll be that stupid girl watching you at your happy times. And when you find someone new, i will still wait for you. Until i meet someone like you. :) ♥
I wanna go to sleep now. And when i wake up i want to read your text. I wont wake up if i dont see your texts. :) ♥
Your name in my contact number is My Hopes&Dreams :) You are. I don't care what you do, but you are :) ♥
Wo siang nie? Nie siang wo ma? haha! :D Wo tao yien nie, nie zhe tao ma?! wo tao yien nie ing wie nie zhuo wo zhe yang :O,, haha! (random)
Waking up the next day, hoping for another new reason to live. :)


Moral-of-the-story; School computers are bullshit :D


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