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Posted at 7/08/2010 03:10:00 PM
I want to watch Eclipse so badly it hurts just by thinking of it. :(
It's out today and if God bless me I think I'm able to watch with Fifi this Saturday after my dad meeting my class teacher. Haih! ~
If I can't watch, any strangers with a car that reads my blog, find a way to contact me or formspring me :3

First of all, Spain...
Although you beat Portugal the other day, and I still feel angry about it but thanks for making Harry feel humiliated :) I hope you win World Cup this year. ehehehe ^^
Harry siak soi :D wawawawa!

Next, sorry teachers :( For my lack of performance. :'(
I know I'm weak in my studies plus now my prefects duty is always there to bother me.
But I promise to do my best :)
I feel a little sad that you, teachers complained about me, about the prefects always going out and coming late to class :( It bothers me to miss your classes!
Still, I promise to do the best :) I won't let you down, especially Cikgu Law Mea Tan, Cikgu Jacinta, Cikgu Mohaini, Cikgu Ling Ngiik Leh and Leslie :)

Next is for my parents
I haven't been a good daughter lately :( I've been spending to much especially last month.
Haiz! And my school performance isn't any better :(
I've tried my best. It's just that the best isn't ready to be with me.
But one thing for sure, I won't forget the sacrificial that was given, the love that was poured :)
I'm always grateful to have you guys as my parents ^^
Sulok Tawie & Agnes Tiong.

Their is such a souvenir in New Zealand called sheep faecus :D Or more likely sheep droppings :3 hahaha! Cikgu Jacinta has it, it was a souvenir from her ex-students from New Zealand.
She keeps it in her refrigerator. LOL :O

Today I learn from her that there are three steps a food has to go through before becoming a faecus. Step 1 is the removing of cellulose. Step 2 is the digestion of protein, lipids and starch.
Step 3 is absorption :)
Usually food would enter the stomach to be digested. But herbivores has to go through those three steps. It is because the leaf or grass that was taken by herbivores is wrap with a layer of cellulose. Cellulose needs to be remove so that digestion can occur.
Cellulose is turn into glucose by cellulase.
An animal actually need to eat their own faecus just to complete the three steps.
In a cow, it's call regurgitating. Do you know that cows actually have 4 stomach. The first is called Numen, second is called Reticulum, the third is Omasum and the forth is abomasum.
Step 1 occurs in the numen and reticulum. Then during the night, the food in the cows body would come out and re-enter the cows stomach a second time. Only this time it went into the third and then to the fourth stomach. And in the fourth stomach, step 2 occurs. Digestion of starch and protein. Step 3 occurs in the ileum. It then turns out into faecus the next day. xD

As for rabbits, hahaha! Do you know that in the night, when they are fast asleep, they unknowingly eat their own faecus. :D haha!
This is because, step 1 occurs at the caecum. The food would past the stomach to go to the caecum. This is because cellulase is presence in the caecum and not the stomach.
After that it would turn out, haha! out. Into a faecus. xD Rabbits eat the first stage faecus because the digestion and absorption on the food hasn't occur.
LOL. Step 2 occurs at the stomach and duodenum :) Step 3 occurs at the ileum.
And the last stage faecus, cannot be eaten BTW. xD


Haha! nothing to blog about :3 All I think about is Eclipse :)

Moral-of-the-story; Liars never win.


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