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Posted at 7/15/2010 04:07:00 PM
Hows my day? Not good. :D
As usual.

Yesterday I called HIM, I asked him whether he hate me not?
He say nope, I asked him to tell me that he hate me.
He didn't want to.

If there is a need to let you go, I want to do it the simplest way is that by hearing you say you hate me.

Then he message me, he asked me whether I'm crazy or not?
Yes I am :) and I'm desperate for your LOVE to! haiz!
I asked him what he see me as, He just as a little sister. Awww~ xD
Then I asked him, not more than that?
He say he don't know? I asked him again, he still love me not?
He say, "MAYBE.. MAYBE NOT.."

At night, he ask me online. I online loe. haha! terus my maths homework didn't finish :D
Dh lh, I just come back tuition. that time about 11pm. :P
I asked him whether he still love me not? I think he's line not good. Always offline, online, offline.
Grrr.. ==!! That's why I don't like to use the chat thingy. haha!

Anyways, I'm giving up :) I won't show how desperate I need him. :P
But I will just wait for him. Just as this piece of glass say so... :))


Haha! My love depends on that piece of glass I saw on the teachers table :)
If look properly, the glass look like one part of a heart. xD
The other heart is with him. Broken. If this part breaks, I no longer will be there when he needs me. :))

+That is the strongest glass ever! :D When I walk with Susie, go bus station, the glass drop!
P/s I don't put the glass in my pocket or what, I hold it. From the start I saw it, till go back time. I never let it go :P
Haha! one reason why it doesn't break is, PHYSICS! :D The smaller the surface area, the lower the pressure :))

Oh2! This morning got one ant always follow me, from maths lesson to bio lesson. ==!!
I use the Cass ruler and the glass to squash it :DD ahaha! DIE you ant =)

Last night I chat with C Hong on facebook :P
He say that I shouldn't give up. :) He even ask me to chase HIM. Sot! don't want ar.
Not that desperate :D
Then I say, I don't like Adidas, cause Nike is cuter ^^
Then he say that, "NIKE IS GO FOR IT".

Everyone has been a great friend to me throughout my breakup :)
Even Sie Tak :P

Pris: Sie Tak! I want die D:
Sie Tak: *put hands on pris shoulder* come we die together :D

Sie Tak: Priscilla,, wo hen thong! Wo yao sie! D:
Pris: Huh? why leh? don't die? If want die, come we die together-gether :D We jump of bridge together-gether :)
Sie Tak just smile like noob there. :P

Heart, please give me a chance to love someone that's worth everything.

Syamsul do for me :)

Moral-of-the-story; Friends are always there through thick and thin. Never doubt them. :)

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