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Posted at 7/19/2010 01:05:00 PM
Good girls are bad girls that never get caught :)

I've just got back from school. haha!
Just now Bio got do Peka :)
Examine the structure of an animal and a plant cells. Cool. ahaha!

I team with the Lee's :)
Soon so gatal tangan go and take he's clog blood and see under the microscope. o.O

Olga and Joshua is back. :)
Olga back from Sick leave, :P Joshua back from Johor.
I got a keychain from Joshua^^ Thanks :3
So cute, it's like candy :DD

Oh2,, just now on the way want go Bio Lab,
Husna ask me to take care of Olga. So I swing my hand backwards, wanting to put my hands on Olga shoulder, but I ter-touch Syamsul's :O I don't know what I touch exactly. LOL
either he's belly button or below :O

O yeah! Last night I do one parody profile of Lee Donghae. :)
Just so I could put him engaged to me. haha! :DD
But then, I deactivate it cause I don't think I'm that desperate. :P
+He's birthday is on 15 october 1986. How cool! A day after mine :))

Anyways, nothing much today ;)
Just that this few days really rained a lot. ==!!

Moral-of-the-story; Get ready your umbrella before rain.

Dhaa! ^^

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