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Posted at 7/13/2010 03:57:00 PM
Sie Tak! Auww.. Yoy gay! D:
haha! :)
First of all, I want to thank Sie Tak for making my hair smell extraordinary today :D
haha! Thanks a lot! *punch he's back* :P
I went to Alpha to buy nasi lemak from Adib :) I talked to Adib, suddenly Sie Tak sprayed my hair with Adib's perfume deodorant, D: nooo! F that boy!! hahaha! :D
Till now still got smell :'( Even though I washed it already. haiz!
And the worst part is he thought it was hair spray D: Ass!

After recess, got this new teacher. She angry angry come in to sit in Beta class :P
p/s, she's a stalker D: haha! she knows that our class did very badly on the last term exams.
haha! :D "Cikgu tahu majoriti gagal physics! Cuba kamu fikir! pernah kh kamu hormat Cikgu Leslie? Ini kh kelas Beta?!" :D
Then she whines about how bad our class is in the eyes of other teachers. heh~
She even steal Harry's ABC :D ahahaha! Harry get to watch he's RM1.50 being poured into the dustbin by Adrian. :3

I think I'm able to moved on? :) I don't think of him that much anymore and I'm used to being single and lonely after 5 days. :D
But it still hurts everytime I check my phone and theirs no message from him D: And I still wait for he's call every night. I still say I'll wait for him to people.
When I'm alone, busy doing nothing, he is the first thing that comes through my mind :(
It hurts!! :'(

My phone is the only thing that reminds me of him till I wanted to kill myself. :3

Haha! I realize that when Vero is happy with her love life, I'm always sad :D
But when I'm happy, she's always sad. :P
Awh, God! Please don't let our marriage life like that too. D: Otherwise one of us, might not get married. xD

Useless :)

Moral-of-the-story; You won't die without boys, but you will die without friends.

Dhaa! ^^

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