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Posted at 7/17/2010 09:35:00 AM
Every knows that I'm laughing but inside I'm dying D:
This few days, at school, people, in class especially knows I broke up. :O
Even Cikgu Roslizawati asked me not to die over a boy, xDxD
I'm fine, I'm fine :))

Last night, I prayed to God, I asked God to make him dissapear from in me.
I asked God, to make me forget about him.

This morning, I woke up crying! :'(
I dreamt about him. uhuhuhu! Why,, Why,, :((
God, are trying to tell me something? uhuhuh!

It's okay, I trust you God :)) You always wanted the best for your children :))
So I'm believing in you.

If only you knew how much you meant to me,,
I still remember you told me that you're gonna wait for me to finish school cause I cause problems to you. I hope it's not one of your empty promises :'(

People say that you won't appreciate something until it's gone.
It's true.

Moral-of-the-story; Boys are the main source of our problems, but is also the pain killer to most situation.


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