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  'How rude'
Posted at 7/04/2010 12:58:00 PM
Align CenterHave you ever notice how RUDE kids this days are.
They tend to get vicious when somebody especially when their parents forbid them to do the things they wanted to or asking them to study and do the things that are boring.
This comes to show how naive one person is.
Of course it depends on the situation on who to blame.

I've come across many situation on this.
Kids will act vicious around parents by calling them stupid or screaming and shouting at them.
This situation often happens when the kid is about the age of a primary school student.
As they grow, their learn new things, and get suited into different surrounding.
By then, if it is unhandle properly, the kids might grow up to become more violent towards their parents. They might end up hurting their parents with some thing.

But in other situation, which happens to every teenagers around or maybe childrens too!
If a parent don't want to buy something for them, they tend to get vicious. Some tend to be sensitive. It happens because they are use to getting what they want whenever they want it.

Kids are like this, usually get spoilt by their parents in a younger age.
As a result, the kids will think that their parents don't care of what they do and such.

That is for kids to parents.
How about, kids to other kids. This is call bully.
One kid thinks that he's the best, and started to bully and hit other kids.
First of all, kids are like this mainly come from how they are treated at home.
Which comes back to the whole parenting again.
A lot may felt that, kids are like that because they are not treated well by their parents.
But some kids, are like that because their parents treat them royalty.
And they expect to be treated the same by others.

Kids to teachers.
Or in other words, student to teachers.
Student who are extremely naughty in school tend to get on their teachers nerve.
Why are they naughty?
It is because, they don't give a damn on what the teachers have to say.
It happens either because the teacher bore them or they are not interested in studying.
So why go to school, if you are not interested?
Why bother coming to school and waste the teachers time?
Yeah, every kid will answer that their parents force them.
Kids are naive and immature.
They never think that everything the grownups do are for their own good.

Kids like this are called MANJA or spoill-brat :)

I understand that every kid/teenager just want to have fun. But to much fun can spoilt a person.
Going out with friends, but your parents don't allow?
It's because your parents have the instinct. They can tell whether you'll be save or not.
I have this one method or rule for myself.
No matter how bad I wanted to do something, But if my parents forbids it. That means their saving you. So don't go through the trouble of killing yourself. Just be patience and wait. You'll get what you want or maybe better later own.
I've experience this before I made the method. I go out without my parents permission and I got so bored during the outing. Maybe cause I was filled with guilt.

Anyways, two years ago, I wanted a handphone with all those cool technology but my parents don't allowed it. Two years later, I got what I want. And I think I earn it because I used my own money to buy. And I think, it felt better. Cause owning something expensive bought by your parents, and whenever you did something wrong, you will feel very guilty. You know what I mean.

I know of a boy who regretted what he did to he's parents. And whenever I disrespect him, he will scold me and say that I disrespect him like I did to my parents. And he will lecture me on disrespecting my parents.
I will go, what does disrespecting you gotta do with my parents?
He says that, how I act with my friends is the same way like how I act with my parents. Although some people may say that they act different between parents and friends, it's actually one body, one soul. So theirs nothing different.

He is the same boy who taught me how to grow up. He may act aggresive, uncaring but he still has a heart of a human being. :)

How funny, from defining RUDE kids, I go till disrespecting parents then to a boy being aggresive. :D
I fail in staying into one topic. LOL

Moral-of-the-story; Listen to your parents and never act rude cause you might regret it.


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