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Posted at 7/02/2010 04:17:00 PM

I'm addicted to origamis :)

Today very boring :( nothing really that fun happen. haiz!
I feel so down now. haha! :D I think my period coming :) ehehe...
BTW, yesterday, Jasmine give me a book for girls :D ahaha!
I found out that, 3 days before coming, girls will experience mood swings. o.O

Oh! Got new BM teacher liao :( I miss Cikgu Anita. I don't know why?
haiz! The new one, although make us laugh a lot but isn't that fun. heh~
Maybe I'm not used to it.

Than after BM got physics :) My 3rd favourite subject now after Sejarah and Chemistry :)
I think Leslie jampi me to like Physics. xD
I don't usually pay attention in class but suddenly I feel the interest to learn physics.
+I no longer come in late for physics :D How amazing!

Then after physic is recess :)

After recess is Moral. LOL. We chose a new class monitor and assistant class monitor cause the old ones are future prefects. So alang2 nia. How the certificates later?
heh~ Anyways, I wanted Kevin Liew to be the class monitor cause I don't know why? :P
But teacher say that Kevin so naughty. Aik! where got?! Yang not naughty lh you go and pick him. heh~ anyways, I vote for Yang cause I shy to put up hands when teacher asked to vote for Kelvin. xDxD cause it seems like I'm the only one supporting him. haha!

Then after Moral is English :P Teacher gave me the Australian test, the sample one to photocopy and passed around :) I read it, and OMG! O.O... The english so, walao! haha! :D
I don't understand a few words that was used. Like Syamsul say, better brush up my english by reading the dictionary :) ehehe...
Oh! me and Cass imitate foreign accents :) I'm using the Australian accents to talk english while Cass uses the texas accents. haha! so funny~ +I sound snobby. xD
Mel say that she liked the Russian way of speaking english. I wonder how they speak english.
haha! :D Me and Cass plan to try to imitate it. :P After we found out the way they speak english.

After english, go back time leh :) but I no go back cause got ISCF :)
STEPH!! :D I like your singing voice ♥
Oh! Royston got come leh :D ahha! I remember last time me and him used to joke around by asking for free samples :D *flashbacks*

Picts ;)


Oh! I read NSTP newspaper the other day. I found out that their is actually a Malaysian born singer well-known in Tokyo. haha! :D He's name is Aizdean. Anyone know him? :P
Nope? me too! :D haha! How can he is well-known in Tokyo but not in he's own country?
When I search for he's songs, I found out that it is all in japanese. sweat! =="
I thought he sang in BM or english. WTH~
He sang in japanese, it doesn't make him a Malaysian singer. Or any near close it. So what he was born in Malaysia? I bet he doesn't even know how to say Apa Khabar? :P
ahaha! What I'm trying to say here is that, he should be known as a Japan singer and not a Malaysian singer. LOLed.

Moral of the story; Knowledge gain are not by heart but the person around you.
p/s General knowledge isn't included in this situation :D


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