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Posted at 7/16/2010 04:07:00 PM
Since just now my phone make noise. =="
Cannot quiet a bit kh? xD Haha! purposely don't want put silent cause manatwu he call kh? xD -still dreaming-

Today? I'm so much better? :P Today genap 1 week, me and him break.
Want celebrate with him tonight. :DD
ahahaha! I'm crazy :))


The glass break liao :0 all thanks to Max lh! huh!~ xD
He go and tempt me intro breaking the glass.
Well, I didn't know it's gonna break D: I don't want to fulfill what I wrote on the glass. It's too hard, ==! But Max say that I must follow my vows.
So I think real hard about it during ISCF :) so finally I made a decision that I'm gonna let him go. haha! :D
Thanks to God that gave me the power :D and to Max that force me to do it.
So now, I'm okay. But why do I feel empty? hmmm..

During ISCF, Charlston gave me a shock :0 haiz!
He say junior prefects got meeting later, I was like, Oh ya ho! I forgot! :0
Than last2, I found out that the meeting is next week. Gay!
Pity Jason Lai and Aida. XD they also shock for nothing. ahahah! :DD
When I enter the ISCF room again, I push Charlston head from behind.
Then when finish ISCF, Charlston call me. "Priscilla! Priss!! Come here! Why got something at your head". *push my forehead* ==!! he kena me bo D:

Oh2, before ISCF finish, teacher play one game. Lead the blind. xD
Tommy become the blind, I become the leader :D so funny! :DD I made him turn round and round and round :D But teacher made him nearly knock Lily. :D
+When he at the front door, people all cheer at him. "GO STRAIGHT, GO STRAIGHT" at the front there got drain :DD ahahaha! we are evil >;D

Cikgu Roslizawati so cruel D: ahaha! :P
After recess, I came in late. Cause Arthur call me. Ask me for my number.
So in the middle of the road, he took out he's phone to give me to type in the numbers. xD ahaha! So I type-type loe :D then when I review the number, suddenly something struck me. He take my number want give my ex kh? :0
Then I'm having second thought of giving him my number but was force too cause I have to pass the phone to him before the teachers saw it. xD
I just check my phone, bullshit! My ex message. xD Jaga you Arthur on Monday! :P
Anyways, when I enter the class, I fast-fast eat my ABC :D ahaha! Still got left corn and that red-red thing. Tak sampai hati want throw, but paksa also D: Cikgu Roslizawati aim me already. xD But Cass late go in some more eat ABC in front of her, didn't kena anything D: I got demerits ==!!
Not fair. Cass face look so alim meh? D: always me kena siak soi bo. uhuhuhuh!
Then, during moral, Max and Cass talk beside me about the Lucy Beck thing. I write my notes that time. Then Max ask me something about it too. So I respond. Manatwu suddenly cikgu Roslizawati scream my name and say I got another demerit marks. Gay! Max and Cass talk, didn't kena. huh! Not fair D:
Then Sie Tak talk-talk and play-play and scream-scream, then he also kena demerits. teacher ask him to sit in front. he guai2 do he's notes, then teacher decide to pulled back he's demerits. Grr.. Then, I asked about mine? she say mine still have. cause I come late. *piss*

Now, everytime I see you, I so awkward de. :
Want talk to you also very shy. :D ahaha! why you have to admit that I'm your gf?
We use to be so close, now so far. your message come, also I think twice to reply.
LOL. :D -crap, ignore it-

I wish for you at 11.11pm :))

I used to carry your heart everywhere, but since you're gone theirs this book full of you that I carried everywhere, so be proud! :D

Moral-of-the-story; Put your whole lot trust on God, and HE will promise you great things. So never GIVE-UP on Him :) ♥

Dhaa ^^

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