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  'My dreams'
Posted at 7/27/2010 03:39:00 PM
Day 5; My dreams.
Dreams? hrmm. :P I want to be a reporter some day. :)
I want to grow up and be someone my parents want me to be. I don't want to have a low life. :P
haha! I want to be rich and famous with 2 international car, a gorgeous, charming, faithful husband. Who's a nice, non-smoker, non-drug-addict and non all the bad stuff. :P
But then again, even I know no one that perfect will come knocking on my door, so I just take what God give me. :)
Anyways, my life-dream is just to be proud of myself. :)

I just realize how a gigolo you are. :P
You only find me when you needed my help, but when I needed your help,
You was never there for me. :)
So I'm going to say goodbye to this stupid feeling for you.
I felt so much better, especially with new company.
It's not worth much, but at least it made me happy again. :)
Yes! I'm finally happy. again. :P

Anyways, I want to share a dream. :)
I dreamt that I met Jason for the first time, but that dream turn out to be a nightmare.
So I got scared, hurt and sad, But then I woke up and realize its not a dream.
Everything did happen, regret a little, but still, I'm happy :)

Yesterday, Mel mother point at someone's money fallen on the ground.
Mel was all blur, but I noticed it the moment I was told. :D
I point at the money for Mel to see, but Mel still blur, ==!!
Then, Hon Hiung come, he get the money, and I asked to split half cause I saw it first. :D
Poor lad who dropped the money. :D hahaha!
Nevermind, your loss is my gain. :) and, and, finder keepers, loser weepers. :P

I slept early yesterday :) 8pm+ already sleep. :P haha!
Too tired, ==
Anyways, during my sleep, many unexpected people message me. :P
When I woke up, I smiled. :)
really so happy, but I didn't reply, I play hard to get, wait he message me tonight again. :P
But then again, even though I slept early, I still feel sleepy in school. I even slept before Cikgu Ling come. How odd! Cause when I sleep pretty late, like 1am+, the next day at school, I didn't feel sleepy at all. =="

This is to the guy who wants fairy tales to come true. :P
I want it too! D: so badly. :)
I didn't know why I fall in love to easy this time. ==! I barely know you, D:
How weird huh? :P ahha!
We just known each other for 2 days. What are you trying to tell me God? :)
But still, I'm not confident that it will be for long.
Cause you're there, and I'm here.
Ignore me :)) I'm just being emo. :P

Moral-of-the-story; Smile and it will make you look a year younger. :) Frown and it will make you 3 years older. :P

Dhaa ^^

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