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Posted at 7/29/2010 04:39:00 PM

Day 7; Your Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Love/Crush.
Waliiuu~ which to choose? :P haha!
If I choose about ex'es, I only be writting about Jason. ==!
Erm,, I choose ex-Love loe :)
He's not my boyfriend at all, but we did LOVE each other. haha!
Before this, I never knew him till this year, cause we happen to be in the same class. =)
So yeah? erm, he sent me letters, I replied, and before we knew it, we were friends :P
haha! After a week or two knowing him? he left Gapor, to moved to BL. :(
I didn't get the chance to really feel close with him. Grr~
Anyways, he likes music a lot, LIKE super a lot. He can sing and play guitar. :)
He ever wanted to sing to me, but because I brought friends along, I guess he was shy. xP
He told me that he wanted to be a singer,I told him that if he couldn't sing in front of my friends, he would never be a great singer. :D
Anyways, the truth is, I broke up with my last year ex without feeling of guilty or what so ever because of him. :) haha!
And Valentine was just around the corner, I was aloned. :D haha! Thanks to him. LOL
after he moved,our only source of comunication was by phone, but a few days or weeks later, his phone lost? but I didn't know. So I was really upset and angry cause he didn't reply my messages and all. So on the night of Valentine/CNY, Sylvester and Vero accompany me :) vero and I cried, :P hahaa!
Oh2, as times goes by, my feelings change. Maybe because it wasn't LOVE that I felt before. It was just a LIKE. So one night, I got the guts to tell him, that my feelings change.
He told me that he didn't want any commitment just that he wants my trust. Trust that I could take good care of he's feelings. LOL.
Anyways, we had our ups and down. :) But no matter what happens, we are still the friend that we each other could count on. I LOVE YOU HELBERT CHIU HOCK HOW/RAYMOND CHIU :)

(as a friend, an owner and an ex-lover)
haha! I'm not ashame to tell him that. :P


Today nothing much happen. I'm being call a traitor. ==!!
Cass, Syl and geng, Harry all force me sit beside Syl. I wanna sit at old place.
Experiment finish already bo! Huhu!~~ Cass is an even more traitor than me cause she sold me away. TT, thanks Cass~ You like sitting with joshua so much, :( Maybe he's quiet. haiz! So I sit with Syl loe. One thing I hate sitting with him is that I get distracted so easily. o.O at my old place, it's only Cass that I talked to a lot. But with Syl, I have Jimmy and Chun Hua to talked to. I talked and laugh a lot till I didn't pay that much attention. ==!! I don't know how to do maths, wow!
Anyways, I hate the fact people think I sit with Syl cause I like him. Fcuk!
He's my cousin lh! eeihh~ I won't dare to sit with someone who doesn't have any relation with me. Awkward you know! :'( Still, nobody believe me that much.
The reason I sit with him, cause I wanna do experiment ma. :D hahahaha!
But Grrr.. some people even say that they want to experiment between me and Syl. Gay lh!
haha! I asked Sylvester put Tawie at the back of he's name. :P

I think I fall in LOVE? but than again, I fall in LOVE to easily. ==!!
I'm like stuck between two. Him and Jason, :O haiz!

Anyways, I'm not your robot to control nor your puppet to play with.
I have feelings. And I so don't care how you feel. So, my life is my life.
I like who, I wanna date who, is non of your business.
Your attitude like that just made what we have, ruin. You just lost me.
I used to LIKE you more than a friend, but you were to slow to even tell me your feelings to! Now that its too late, I'm never going back.
You tell me, you have feelings for me, but you never treat me as a friend in class.
we barely talked. Grrr~ So it's mainly your fault. Don't blame me.

My blue book :)

Ta-daa! :))

Haha! x)

My picture and the message I sent to him the other day :)

Me and Cass during chemist :D

Me, Sie Tak, Cass, Max and Kai Lung during chemist x)

I think this is during physic tuition. :P

Now, this is definitely physic tuition :D

Betanians! I was bored =)

My blue book :) I used it to draw when I'm bored especially during class :P, express my feelings and so on. :) People would call it diary, but I don't treat it like a diary, :)
So, it's not^^ ehehehe :))

► Laughter ▌▌ Memories █▌ Pain ◄◄ Happiness

Moral-of-the-story; Think carefully of the consequinces before you act.

Dhaa :))

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