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  'Oh how lucky'
Posted at 7/21/2010 05:57:00 PM
Ahha! :)
God really really is GREAT! :P
He helped me. LOL. When I finish my tuition class just now, there wasn't any drop of rain anymore. :P But after I arrived home, rain falls heavily. :P
haha! How lucky :)) p/s i walk home from tuition. ahakss!

This morning, Cikgu Lee Wee Na tegur me D:
Cause I wear non school shirt for PJK, dh lh I prefect under provision D:
She asked me no need to on duty liao. TT
huhu! My Phylisca say nevermind, don't care her. :(
So when I in class, I ask Cass to give me wear her PJ shirt. :P haha!
I'm a Marlin for the day. LOL
needa' buy a new PJ shirt. uhuhuh!~~

Syamsul chia me Cornetto. o.O i wonder why he so rich, ==!!

Anyways, last night I sleep late. :P 1+am. haha!
I message Jason :))

Pris: what's my name in your contact number?
Jason: Pris. why? you?
Pris: awww. :( not special. :P +you want what leh? Jason kh? Orang tua kh? :P
Jason: Hubbby. ehehehhe.
Pris: eeihh,, my name not special leh :( so why yours must like that?
Jason: okey lh. I put the my bitch. ehehhe ^^
Pris: ee.. try lh put my name chocolate kh? Cause that day you promise chia me chocolate, but didn't.
Jason: okie ^^
Pris: +Want to know what I put for you name?
Jason: what? :)
Pris: my hopes&dreams :P +Why this you?! ==" tomorrow I go school ar. Should ask me sleep now. :P
Jason: haha! oh2, sleep now k :)
Pris: okie, night2, :P dream of me :))
Jason: Night2, sweet dreamz ^^


Moral-of-the-story; don't be so proud ;) Later you no friend. :P


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