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  'Pris jaat'
Posted at 7/28/2010 05:56:00 PM

Day 6; A stranger.
Stranger? :) Jason. :D haha!
He first comment on my wall on 10 March :)
(I know cause I see the wall-to-wall comment :P)
I first met him on 28 March. Hehe~ Fell in love just like that~
Since I met him, I never felt the same anymore. Even now. :)
I couldn't deny that I've once LOVED him like hell.
He WAS a stranger in my life. But now that everything like this had happen,
I wished he was still a stranger in my life. Nothing.
I wished I never knew him any much more than a stranger.
Anyways, he is cruel, a drinker, a smoker, an OWL, and I know he will never sacrifice he's life for me. :P He is also actually kind-hearted, sensitive, love to joke around, and he has a sweet mouth. :P which makes me couldn't forget what he said to me.
For 4 months plus, he is my LOVER. :P But after that, he is just a BROTHER. :)
I wished we were STRANGERS again :(

He's not actually a STRANGER though. :P
Here's a STRANGER. His name is Kent Chu. :) From KL. 18 years old.
I knew him from Lung Wei, :P Since we don't comunicate much, he is still consider a STRANGER cause I barely know him. :D haha! But everyday I will wait for he's message. :)
Which never will come. :D haha! +I got a call from KL number this morning. Can I guess that, thats him? :) haha! I don't hope. :P


Anyways, I sat with Sylvester in class today :) Jimmy sit at Harry's, Harry sit at Joshua's and Joshua sat at my place. :D haha!
Grrr. Some people actually don't believe me and Sylvester are cousins. ==

Anyways, had FUN sitting with Syl, :)
Now I know why he always say Jimmy and Chun Hua love to bully him. :D
Haha! ^^

Today, I guess nothing much? Cikgu Law Mea Tan really angry with us today. :O
haiz! ~~


I can't wait till nominees are chosen. suspen!~~ Hope I become, D: people all say I answer the interview question like MINTA MATI like that wor!! =="
I think so too! How can dating in school okay?! Grrr. I feel like wanna stranggle with myself. TT

Yeee! He smiled at me :D haha! so cute ^^ He melts me, :P

Chowder told me that, ONLY GIRLS CRY. but BOYS WEAP. =))

Moral-of-the-story; Be patient and everything will be your way. :)


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