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Posted at 7/24/2010 03:32:00 PM
Day 2

My crush? :P errmm.. I currently don't have any. :)

oh2! i know, my crush is to Lee Donghae. ^^ ♥


Today was awesome :) ♥
RIMUP. Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan.
Early, early morning already teacher asked to get ready to welcomed the Datin.
Speaking of the Datin, I wanna cry cause I didn't get any pictures with her. D:
Anyways, she came like about 3 hours later. ==" F! we stand under the sun for 3 hours,
The teacher so.... :P haha! ask us get ready so fast. LOL
Lucky not hot. :P
Me and Dedeng took pictures with random unknowns. :P
And me and her camwhore like hell. :D ahaha!
Melvina go in the hall don't know do what for 3 hours while we were outside. :P
How lucky we waren't asked to enter otherwise, pictures of today would be less.
Anyways, while me and Dedeng were happily cam-whoring, sudenly, *action music* Cikgu Lee Wee Na tegur us for bringing handphones. Grr
Other teachers also not complain. The prefect teacher saw us, many teacher saw us, also didn't make noise. Chill lh. ==" no need be so strict during a day like this. heh~

After the Datin come, we all go inside sit and watch some performances. How cool,, :D
Got two SMK Green Road girls came as invited guest to play the traditional instruments.
Then got Wushu by the Wushu team, Lion dance by Kelvin team, even got Cikgu Ursula, famous bidayuh singer till got do album, xD erm2, she sing chinese song ar. waliuu! so cool lh her :) her chinese so fluently sing want. :P I wonder how many months it took her to do that. :)

Anyways, when we walked around the hall to look at chinese stuff, I got see candy on the table. So I ate one, :P but found out that it was only for display. LOL,
so I ran away. :D ahahaha!

Then, we follow Datin go lauch the new gallery at the boys hostel. :)
So nice the gallery. OMG! :D ahaha! but a bit scary cause it looks like being in an old house in the olden days.

Me and Leslie :P

Me and those two Koreans ^^ The red shirt girl was talking on the phone with earphone when I approach to take picture with me. :D
Me and Hang Tuah :D Cikgu Faa-athien :)
Me and Syamsul :) And Kelly's hand. =="
Me and Cikgu Krishnan. :P he dresses up like a chinese ghost. o.O
+He won best dress for it. :P
Us :)


In conclusion, it was awesome :)

Thanks LARISSA PING LIEW for borrowing me your costume ;)

Ngegeh you ^^ *hugs*

Moral-of-the-story; never forget your roots cause one day, your roots will end up being a help to you. =)

Dhaa ^^

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