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Posted at 7/07/2010 05:30:00 PM
The last few days I've no mood to update :D
Cause my cute socks lost, so I no mood. haha! I feel as if no life like that one.
Cause that socks meant the world to me :)
But mumy found it already :D it's in dady's cupboard.
I tell dady like this yesterday, "If you like the socks, just tell me. No need to steal" :3
He blur look at me. xD
Anyways, I've been whinning about my socks for more than 3 days. haha!

I just got back from tuition. haha! It's my first day :) But I already late. LOL

Hahaha. Serious offences, first day late, facebook-ing right on the spot. Two offences, which cause two tickets to be written.

I got sued my Raymond :D ahaha! Thanks ^^

Teacher asked me how my physics?
I answer not good. haha! :D I say that I didn't really pay attention to Leslie in class during chapter 2 but recently went Leslie enter chapter 3 my mind had that desire to pay attention. So Im better in chapter 3 than 2, :3 haha!

He sigh look at me. xD poor guy,, I realize his trying so hard to get me to understand chapter 4. BTW, we're at chapter 4 now :O ,, so fast! xD
He keeps on looking at me, hoping I would understand. But kinda irritating lh, cause he always ask me to answer question. But I know, it's for my own good :)

P/ss; I'm the only girl there :O aiyoyoyo! =="

Anyways, prefect job was okay? :) ehehe.
On my first job, I already came in late. ahaha! Mdm Flowrese let me, Desmond and Joshua out late bo. xP
Then I was late for my second job too! :O ahaha! I arrived school late :P
But I got one time, not purposely miss one job yesterday bo! =="
Today was ok lh? I didn't knew that being a morning session prefect was easy :)
You don't need to do so many things. I only write late people names, (Joelle&Aziz xD) on Wednesday and Thursday :) and I set up the PA system before the assembly.
Easy nia. Just three days a week working. :P

Its better to look ahead and prepare,than to look back and regret.

Moral-of-the-story; It's a necessity to be punctual on the first day or it'll give bad impressions :)

Dhaa ^^

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