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Posted at 7/30/2010 03:26:00 PM
Day 8; Your favourite internet friend.

My favourite internet friend is Shaunica Lai :)
We known each other for 3 years, but we first met at Spring that other day. :P
We met on friendster, when I was in form 1. Haha!
She's from SSN Tabuan Jaya.
She is the same age as me, and her birthdate is on 14 November. :) Just exactly a month from mine. ^^
She is really an anime fan but recently turn into a DongHae fan,
yeee^^ Just like me :)) haha!
That's all,I guess? :P

Anyways, today is Sie Tak birthday :)
Happy Birthday LING SIE TAK! :D
ahaha! :3
I send message to him, around 12am+ like that, :P
asking him to wake up, so that I could wish him birthday. But he didn't wakeup! D:

Today is Friday, as usual, got ISCF :)
Cikgu Tiong shared about health. :P He said that to cure from a light sickness, we should take God's creation, such as fruits and vegetables and not medicine, cause it's man-made :)
It seems that I'm the only one who keeps on interrupting the teacher to asked a question. :3
I couldn't help it. haha!
He says that only fried peanuts cause pimples. :D and that if we squeeze the ripe pimples, it won't cause any damage/scars/holes to our face. :P
He also said that, we should not consume milk or any meaty substance after the age of 40 cause of high risk of getting cancer.
Anyways, I asked him whether the milk could make bones stronger, he said it was wrong. :O
TV lied to me! D:

I got free lecture from Cikgu Ong too just now ;D About my pimples. :P


Fate decides who enters your life, you decide who stays. :)

Moral-of-the-story; Eat chicken once a day, to keep the doctor away :D


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