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  When LOVE bounce back.
Posted at 7/01/2010 04:00:00 PM
This pain,
It hurts........

I miss the time when I acted like a kid,
Not knowing what to do or who to follow,
Puzzling about what is going on right now,
And not thinking about the future.

I miss it when I couldn't sleep at night,
Thinking of the monsters that will come out and eat me.

But now, I have you.
You chase the monsters away,
You were all I could ever think about.
You'll kiss me goodnight,
You'll tuck me to bed,
And you'll start to control my dream.

It was fun at first,
Till you decided to add a little pain to the dream.

I struggled, I cried.
It was the monster story again,
I couldn't sleep well at all,
Thinking how have we been this far.

But when I finally wake up hoping it would all end,
I found out that it wasn't a dream.
You were real, We were real,
And so is the pain.

I rather think of monsters at night,
than to think of the pain you gave me.

In my dream, I saw us.
We were happy together. Laughing at nothing.
But in reality, I saw us.
Cursing and crying.
We were nothing like the dream,
It made me tired of reality.

I wish I could just some how go through a deep sleep,
Where there is you and me.

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