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Posted at 7/01/2010 03:32:00 PM
Haha! :)
Today at school, got photography session for KRS.
So I wore my KRS uniform today. 3 days in a row not wearing my school uniform :D
I'm so happy with myself cause no need to iron. haha! (lazy)

This morning, got prefects meeting :) Only for the nominees. haha!
Teacher know we bring phone. She said that it MUST be our last time to bring. :P
"Handphones are a big NO NO" :P
I recommended a few friends. I recommend Cass, Mel, Max, Syamsul. :)
Charlston asked me to recomment Kelly too! :P
But I hope the most, that Cass, Mel, Max and Syamsul to become :)
Chances of them getting picked are like 30 over 100. Low chances right.
Anyways, many teacher don't believe I became a nominee. haha! I don't know what did I did RIGHT to deserve all this :D I mean, since I became one of the morning session, my discipline has been going down. haha! I ever experience my phone taken by the teachers. xD
I ever kantoi dating this year. LOL And I've been sleeping in class. especially during add maths.
haha! :D

Anyways, today got Jualan Koperasi :) Recess for 1 hour! weehoo! But we had to miss Cikgu Lim's class, which was quite boring. :( he usually makes me laugh my tummy out.
And their is always something to talk about with Dibby because of him. heh~
Anyways,, again......
I bought Sharon's Strawberry Pearl Milk Tea and ate burger. Haiz!
When I arrived the hall, the heavy food was nearly gone. ehem. The cheap ones of course. haha!
The expensieviest(new word) cost about RM3.50. which was over my budget cause I have to pay my loan to Khai Lun. haiz! :P ahahaha!~~
Oh! I even bought a keychain. Which was useless to me. So I'm gonna give that to my sister later ^^

Just now, during add maths, I asked Cass to predict my luck. :D But she wrong write.
heh~ Then I slapped her back while laughing, then suddenly I feel the need to go the bathroom.
haha! I quickly asked for permission while laughing. I think Cikgu Ling puzzled look at me. :D
haha! Then I run to the toilet. ahhhh~ LOL

+Mdm Flowrese asked us to write a letter to an aunt who recently asked us to ordered fruits from Bau. haha! I chose green strawberries as a fruit from Bau :D
Anyways, she asked us to send in our homework by post. :O,, haha!
The postman will be wondering, why are they so many aunts living in her house. xD
So, after school, I went to Upwell to post my homework. At first I went to the mini post office but they were out of stocks of envelope. So I had to climb up to the 2nd floor to buy envelopes.
o.O.. when I go down, the mini post office close already. ASSHOLE!

Jason, Jason :D
I must have made him fed up for him to say that it's better to be separated :P
ahhaa! But I don't want. I don't know why? LOL
Isn't that what I wanted on Monday? hmm,, :)

To tell you the truth, I won't treat you the same till you apologize to me.

Money! $$... Cikgu Flowrese asked me count money just now :D

Moral of the story: Love blinds the truth. So becareful on whom to believe :)


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