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Posted at 8/13/2010 11:55:00 PM
12 August 2010

Morning, Recess got Crossword Puzzle competition. :P
Me and Cass. :) For BM lh. haha!
I don't think we are able to win. ==!! haiz! So hard ar~ cheong! D:
Nevermind ler. I join for fun only.
WTF! all the competition I join, all I sucks at it one. D:
I join Sudoku also, which was on the same day. The easy and moderate was okay.
But the hard one made me lose. :'( Grrr~
I think it took me around 40 minutes to do the hard one. TT
And I still didn't get it right. How Debbie do all, only 40 minutes nia.
Me do all 1 hour plus ar. almost finish time. :( Grrr~
The hard level, the number 4 and 7 keeps on coming out twice at the same row. ==!!
Nevermind lh. Grrr~

After Sudoku, I stay back school cause have to practice for Friday program. :)
ahaha! we sang till our voice lose. Yeaa seriously. ==!!
When I got home, I got the feeling that I have sore throat. And yea I did.

The strongest thing a girl ever do is face the person who broke her heart with a smile 
and is still able to joke around when his talking about the girl who made his day today.
Even though deep inside, all she wants to do is cry.

11th August 2010, 11.43pm.
Pris: Eyy, Got new girl already, your adik also you don't care. :(
Jayson: Nolh. I watch movie. What if I got new girlfriend, what is your respond....??
Pris: Skati you.. ee.. you got new girlfriend liao har? weewiitt~ xD
Jayson: yah.. I with her now.. her name is Kak Ema.
Pris: Really? how old is she? tell her I say hye. xD oh2, how you know her? :P answer2~
Jayson: she 18. I know her from my friend.
Pris: okay, you watch what movie?
Jayson: Airbender. 

When I got to school that morning, Syamsul was waiting for me at the stairs.
With he's bag on. and I was like, "How long did you wait for me?"
He answered, "not that long. I went up, and saw you wasn't there, so I ran down immediately" :)
LOL. He so sweet. ^^
Grr.. Why is he so nice? He knows, everyone knows that I'm going to break he's heart soon.
Anyways, we walked to class together, then I sat down on my chair.
Suddenly tears roll down. And I cried there. Cass was so scared looking at me. She thought she had done something to make me that way. At first everybody thought I was laughing cause when I entered class, I was laughing out loud. Then so suddenly cry. hrrmm~
It hurts that I cried out loud. ==!! couldn't control myself. TT :( It's to painful~
It's the first time I cried like that in public. haiz!
I told Cass about Jayson :( Then I realized the time, so I quickly went down for duty. And I was late. xD
haha! hrmmmm~

That evening, I go to dady office. Then I crossed the road to Spring.
I texted Jayson. He asked me to see him cause he want bluetooth songs. So I went up to see him.
I was strong, I could feel it. I wasn't shaky. And I smiled.
We talked a lot. Almost 40 minutes ar?
We talked about he's girlfriend. I asked him, he's girlfriend what race. He says that he don't want to tell me cause he scared I sakit hati. I was like, "No way" Then I laughed.
Suddenly I could feel tears accumulate in my eyelits, I quickly turn around and wipe it off.
I hope he didn't notice though.

So sucks~

Day 21; Someone You Judged By Their First Impression.
V.E.R.O.N.I.C.A A.T.R.A.S.I.A :)
She's the first person to prove my first impression judging is wrong. :P
I judge her by her appearances on her first day in Gapor.
I thought she was ngegeh and gangster type. xD well, yeaa.. she is :) ahahah!
But she is better than those bitches though. ;)
She is friendly. :P Short, :3 haha! and erm? love to laugh. :) Like me! xD

Moral-of-the-story; Boys could never be trusted even on a single small thing. 

Dhaa ^^


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