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Posted at 8/16/2010 12:08:00 AM
14 August 2010

I went to Spring in the afternoon with chacha. :)
We watched SALT. The movie which featured Angelina Jolie in. I so love her. :P ahah!
I waited to watch that movie for weeks and finally get to watch it yesterday. :)
It's awesome. But the ending was like, urmm.. half. ==!! Like twillight~
Grrr, I guess I have to wait for SALT 2, if there is any. xD

Me and chacha went to SCR. :)
Haha! funny~ what's funny? Fate is. :) LOL
Usually when I go Spring, I hope I'll bump into Jason or something. Sometimes, I'll text him saying I'm there.
But yesterday, I didn't put any hopes, I didn't text him either. I didn't plan on meeting him.
But fate set us up together. I met him a few times. :) hehe~
He text me after that. xD haha! But I ignore him half way. :P -playinghardtoget,heyhestartedit-
Fate is a funny, funny thing. I'm grateful ^^

Day 23; The Last Person You Kissed.
Jason. :) 
I'm not planning to ruin the last kiss till I found a new owner to my heart. ;D haha!

Day 24; The Person That Gave You Your Favorite Memory.
I would answer Jason. But than again, it's always about him. So I'm changing for this topic.
The person that gave me my -2nd- favorite memory is Syamsul. :)
He makes me feel secure like nothing is going to happen to me. He cares for me.
He will wait when I'm still around.
He's one of the person who cares for me and I cares for him. :)
I would die to see him get hurt again by me.

Chacha asked me whether I'm sad when I first broke up with Jason.
I answered, "Why the hell would I be sad?" :D 

I miss the times when I'm your number 1. I miss your hugs, miss your kisses.
What I miss the most are your lectures telling me to be a good girl.

TT Iwannaonlinelikeusual. haiz!

Moral-of-the-story; Fate keeps you going when you stop hoping.

Dhaa :'(

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