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  I'm cure-ing
Posted at 8/18/2010 11:58:00 PM
16 August 2010

BadLuck :P ahha! Nolh. Maybe not consider as bad luck day?
Anyways, Jeremy and Syamsul won the 3rd place for teka silang kata. wtf! ==
How could they have won? :O -Cannot believe want- xD
Whateverlh. :P
Next year join again. haiz! Very soi ar me. TT, all competition I join, all lose one. TT
useless~ haiz :(

Anyways, I changed my duty days already. :'(
I don't want. Grrr. I don't have write down late-comers, just take care of blok nia. where got fun.
uhuuhuh! I go asked Michelle change :3, she say that the duty roster will rotate every month.
Hope so. :(

Melvina didn't come for PUM, so me alone loe. Dh I late some more. :P ahaha!
whattt~ I didn't know the afternoon session recess starts early. =="
Whateverlh. :P
After PUM finish, I see them Syamsul play football. Which was kinda weird? Cause his fasting.
er? Adib also join. At first me and Adib online in Pusat Akses together, but then I told him that Syamsul play football, he was like, "wth! fasting also play football" but check2, he himself go and play. =="
Boys~ ahahah!
Then, when I almost want go back, Syamsul accompany me wait for dady. :3 haha! we talked about ghosts. ==" LOL
Then suddenly raining. Eff~ LOL :P
I go inside the car pun basah kuyup. ==" Grrr..

After arrived dady office, still raining, so I hang around in the meeting room of dady office loe. :P
Nothing want do liao. haha!
After the rain no more, I went to Spring. First destination in Spring was the Post Office cause I have to helped Husna post her parcel. :) Yeee! My first time post parcel in the Post Office. :3 -sakai-
Then, I go buy candy at Candy Land. :P Then my 3rd destination was Universal Traveller. :D haha!
I went to see Jason. :3 He was there, sitting alone, while texting with he's gf, :P
So I hang with him for a while lh. I didn't disturb Bata-workers at all cause I was to busy disturbing UT-workers. >D how cruel. ahahaha! LOL
Then, Jason chia eat more Candy and sour tap. Nom.. Nom.. Nom.. :D ahhaha!
He still care for my candy-needs x) wahahaha!

Heh~ everytime I see him texting, I'm always wondering what is he texting about to he's gf. -Gago-
I could feel a little hurt in me. But still, its ok. :) I can still smile. ehhehe~
I think I'm cure-ing. :)) Thank God ^^
Haha! Hrrmm,, Hate it when he keeps on accusing me of having a new bf. == Grrr..
I don't. I text people, doesn't mean I have new bf. haiz!
He told me that if I ever go couple-ing with Syamsul, he would never want to be friend with me.
Is that a threat? Or something? ==" Cause I seriously don't get him. Nevermind then~
I don't mind. :P

Day 25; The Person You Know That Is Going Through The Worst Of Times.
 So far I guess, everyone I know is going through the worst times.
Because nobody in this world is given a chance to even sit back and relax without thinking of their problems. Even school homework is a problem. xD
So yeaaa...

Day 26; The Last Person You Made A Pinky Promise To.
The last person I made a pinky promise is to myself. x)
I've pinky promise myself, to not let anyone or even myself to hurt myself anymore again. :)
I promised to be the best no matter what keeps me falling.
And to never stop giving up. :) 

Moral-of-the-story; Don't search for the past, Get ready for the future. x)


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