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  A new friend :)
Posted at 8/27/2010 01:57:00 PM
23 August 2010

I found a new friend. :)
Gregory. He is in 5MPV1. ;P hahaha!
On Saturday I texted him, cause he give me he's number on facebook.
I asked him who is he. :P LOL
At first I told him I'm Cikgu Lim. :D He heran a bit. haha! Than I say I'm one of his classmate. Than he didn't doubt loe. Than I change into he's mum. :P Than into Hafizah. He believes. =="
Even after I given him clue. xP Doesn't he knows that Hafizah wouldn't speak english with him and that she wouldn't text him just for fun. haha! He so lembap in taking in pranks, :P
Than, during recess, I go and talk to him. I told  him that I did text him. He was just to lembap to realize it. xD
ahahha! Than he say that I make a good mum, D: ouch!

25 August 2010

 Syamsul bought me 2 pencil. ;) Spongebob
I prefer Patrick Star though, :P But I still lovee this pencil so much. haha!
Actually he bought 3, but I gave back the 3rd one and said that, only me and him owns this pencil in this class. :P

Anyways, I spent my whole day, doing my 120 corrections of Moral. Eff my life. :D
It's like the whole morning in class and afternoon, I tried to complete it. =="
I finally completed it at 6+. haiz me!
Why the teacher so cruel one, =/
Than, because I late hand in again, I had to do another 60. haiz again!
But I decided not to do it though. :) ngehehehe~

26 August 2010

Sodium told me something-SoMeThInG-SOMETHING really-rEalLy-REALLY trustbreaking. D:
Listening to it just made me trust no one including my blog. haiz!
He told me that a few girls in class asked him why he like me and stuff. They say I'm not a good girl. Wtf!
What do they mean by that?! ==" yiessh,, so what I break a few hearts in the past, Grrr.
But that doesn't give you guys the right to talked about it. Wait, How you guys know?! :O
OMG! a stalker, =="
Everything including my primary school days you guys all know. WTH~I knew they were girls, but would have thought that they know everything about me so deeply. Stalkerstalkerstalker. ==
There's this one guy, Cass even said that, he doesn't really know anything about me, but still, he's one of em.
What you think you're a good girl kh?! Pui ar~ Yiesshh,, I know you guys hate me since form 1 already.
But my ass, you guys are my peminat setia ar, Thanks lh, :P
But its kinda annoying since you always try to instigate him not to friend me. And plus, plus, it's his life, why do you want to fix it? I know I never been the bestest friend for him, but at least I changed. Grrr
it's mine, not yours to judge.

I break people heart because I don't want to say I love you when I don't meant it. =="
It's better to break them now, than tell them you love them and then break them. Isn't that cruel?
+I don't want to hang on when all I want is to let go. 
Maybe I used to have feelings for them, but its all in the past.
Now, if God made me loose my love, if my heart says NO, what should I do?
You guys don't know what it feels like to be with the person you don't love for a year. Saying I love you when you don't really mean it. Yeaa, maybe I admit I was a little rushy, but it's all in the past now.
If that person and I could forget, why don't you?
That's why I never hoped that Jason would come back to me. I never hoped for him to say I love you.
Because I know, it's not going to happen. Because I know, he doesn't share the same feeling with me anymore.
Because I know.
So stop being so immature. Geezz!

I told him that I got jealous so suddenly when I see them two together.
He told me that, he wants to maintain he's friendship with her, cause got that one day, he hangs around with me, and than she doesn't like it. Than the next day, she got so mad and she scold him, sulk and stuff.
So act cute and fragile. bluerk!
So I told him, okay? I understand than. :) I'm a whole lot stronger than her so what the hell~

Anyways, I brought oat to school cause I have to give them to Cikgu Ellena for the old Folks program. :)
When I climbed the stairs up, I find for Gregory, I wanted to bully him. xD
Asked him carry my things. haha!
But who knew, he go and suprise me to death. ==
I screamt like what ar, till Dibby say that she could hear me scream. :D haha!
Grrr, that boy.. Grrr~

Moral-of-the-story; Never be to sure, nobody hates you.

Dhaa ;)

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