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  '31st July'
Posted at 8/01/2010 02:58:00 PM
Day 9; Someone you wish you could meet.

ehehe. :) The only person I want to meet now, is Lee Donghae.
He is one of the sexay korean singer :D
People call him Sexy fishy from the east sea cause of he's name. :)
he was born in 15 October. The year I forgot. :P ahaha! Lazy wanna check up. :)
He is one of the singers in Super Junior, a boy band from korean.
oh2, he works with SM entertaiment. His father died of cancer. And he only have he's brother left, Lee Donghwa. I think his mum is still alive though. :)
I wanna meet him and tell him he has the most breath taking smiles :D


Day 10; Someone You Don't Talk To As Much As You'd Like To.

I want to talk to this form 5 guy at school. :3
But don't have the guts to. He reminds me of Helbert. :D He is kinda cute though?
He is the school prefect. :) Class in 5 Alpha. :D ahaha! I ever talked to him once, but it was just a formal conversation. :P ngahahaha!~~
haiz! But I don't think I have a crush on him? :P If I did, I would have known. :)

Anyways, after I arrived school, changed myself, I went with Keith, Tommy and Adrian to KFC. Bought our food their and went to Boon Khai Delights. :)
The sign there say, "NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED". But they bought KFC and sat there and eat. :P without shame. The waiter warned them, but they were stubborn. ahah!
Then they ate ABC, :P Then Syamsul came. he was sad. (feeling even more guilty)
Oh2, we went to Choice Premier too. I told them that I always lepak there to get aircond. :D then I saw Ah Yong, and I called on to him. And talk2 to him.
They say I always lepak there till I make new friends with the workers. ==!! xD
Then went out and I saw Chixing and Lawrence. They say again, "Wow! Pris. You always over here, till you made a lot of friends" xD I respond, "they are ex-Gaporians lh!"

After koko pick me up, I asked him sent me and chacha go dady new office at opposite Spring there. How awesome! :3 ahahaha! I really love it there ^^

Oh2, me and chacha went to Atmosphera. :)
At first the manager said that we could eat under the name of NSTP, but dady say we couldn't. so haiz! chacha have pay for the food. Even the club sandwich and green tea which we didn't order. ==!! the manager wrong give us food. At first we thought it was complimentary food. But then, the waitress told us it was someone else and that the manager wrong give. so chacha had to pay for it. ==!! Grrrr~
I order Sphagetti Bolognaise, it wasn't tasty at all. :'(

Anyways, we lepak at dady office for a while. Then we go Spring. :)
+It was raining, so we was a bit wet. Lucky got umbrella. ==
I went to Bata to helped out. haha! curi2 help. :P Bata workers runaway to where also don't know, so the supervisor asked me and Joshua to helped out just for this weekend. But I couldn't cause dady don't let. D:
So I curi2. :P The supervisor gave me a hat. ==!! for helping out for 3 hours. :3
I wonder how much is my commision. haha! higher than Joshua. LOL. nolh2~ :)
I miss working. I miss Jason too! But he didn't go to work on that day cause he was buzy moving house.

After that, chacha had to go to dady office cause her aunty wanna come. So their goes my fun at work. Then, when chacha already go with aunty, I lepak alone at dady meeting room. cool bh :)) Can see down there. haha!

Picts ;)

Hot chocolate. :)

That stupid Green Tea we didn't order but need to pay. :P

Raymond sleeping. :3 who is that ju-on behind him. :D

Me and Roland. :)

Me and him :D we look like couple. haha!

Moral-of-the-story; Never take whats not yours.


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