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  '4 August 2010'
Posted at 8/05/2010 11:36:00 PM
4 August 2010.

Today back gate open so late ar. ==
Some say the guards were sleeping, another says that their watching TV.
ass! D: I was LATE for my duty because of them. ==!!

RiGi 2 come to school. :)
It's a Hair-Academy. LOL. Got ex-Gaporian leh. :) But I don't know whats he's name. :P
At first when I saw them arriving at the school compound, I thought they were ex-Gaporians wanting to look for teachers or what?
But then I saw how stylish they are, So I figure that they were there for an exhibition.

Anyways, Betanians was the first class to go to the exhibition.
Everything was usual. College application. More college application. Oo! A 2nd t-shirt on sale.
ahaha! And one side of the corner, was RiGi 2. :P
They were promoting their products, Schwarzkopf hair products. :P
Not only the bottle was cool, but even the price. :D I'm surprise some Gaporians even brought that amount of money to school. ==!
After promotion, it still cause a hundred plus. :P Epic~
Anyways, I was one of the luckiest to get my hair styled-up by the professionals. :P
Ngahahaha! :3
At first, almost all the Betanians boys got their hair done. Even Harry. :P He was the longest to get he's hair done cause the manager wasn't satisfy with he's hair. :P
I think it took him half an hour. ==!
Then, It's my turn :D I asked them to touch up my fringe :3 and do some style.
The guy, don't understand what I wanted though. So he ask the manager. :D
Ask2, the manager ask him to do this and this and that to my hair. o.O but at the end, he wasn't satisfied, so he curl up my hair. :3 It took them a hour plus to styled my hair. And my hair isn't that long. ==!
But at least its awesome. ^^ But Tommy had to ruin it. :S Thanks a lot friend!

People was starring at me on my way back to class. :P
+the manager even took pictures of me. haha!
Oh2, Max asked me to asked how much the Enrollment fee to the academy.
The manager told me that it was RM6000 with text book and everything for that day. But other day was RM6600 without text book. Epic!
So anyways, the manager thought I wanted to enroll inItalic the future, so he gave me a form.
And asked me to fill. ==! I was like, "no! I don't want to. err" "Just fill. If got any seminar, I'll call you" "Okay^^" :D
I filled the form just to join the seminars. :3 wahahaha!

Max took pictures of me, but I couldn't upload them on blog cause he can't online D:
So I have to wait to show my hair off. :3

erm, when I enter class, BM teacher was about to finish.
Me, Joshua, Olga and Husna didn't enter class whole period. But I did enter class at the last minute of it. Me and Joshua.
She asked me and him to memorize the 10 words. I did manage to. :P


Oh yeah! me and syamsul exchange PJ shirt for a day. :P
Lucky no PJ on the day. ==!!

oh2, on my way back home, Syamsul walked to me and stopped me.
And said, "You know, you have the most prettiest eyes and the most amazing laughter"
I was like blushing :D but I controlled it. :3
So I go, "yameh?" :P He answers me, "yeah. and Kelly has the 2nd most prettiest eye"

Go tuition whole day! D: during physic tuition was really a tough time for me. :(
I was really sleepy. So desperate of it, I have to force myself to stay awake by online-ing on facebook via phone. :D haha!

Adrian Lee: Why always leng zai come and do people hair? Why not leng lui? :O

Day 13; Someone you wish could forgive you.
I hope potassium forgive me. And to all the people that I've been rough on.
Forgive me to. :)

Moral-of-the-story; Don't flattered yourself. :3

Dhaa ;)

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