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  '5th August 2010'
Posted at 8/06/2010 12:35:00 AM
5th August 2010

Today wasn't my day at all D:
Yesterday was awesome, but why not today?

I went on duty as usual. But when I enter class, I had a mini heart attack.
Cass told me I got demerit for skipping BM class yesterday.
MyGawd! I didn't skip it. It's not my fault they styled my hair so long.
Fcuk that teacher. == At least I enter your class, At least I memorize what you asked me to.
Grrr.. You think they are superman who style people hair epic-lly fast har?
D: Nevermind2.
wait! cannot nevermind! nieuuu! My prefect post is in jeopardy D:
I hope the prefect teachers don't get the news, or it's the end of my life. TT
fcuk! fcuk! fcuk!

I was so down today. :( hmmff~

During sejarah, I found out something even worst!
Something every girls avoid from.
I'm not ashamed to say this. :( But my period leak till it stain my white shirt D:
fcuk my life today. TT
I can't go for recess, go toilet also difficult. TT,
after I washed it, still can see the stain. But it was okay?
But then, it leak again. wth! I already put properly, don't know what happen. :'(
Lucky raining so at least when I put my skirt up, people won't think I come.
People will think I don't want to get my skirt wet.
Grrr.. TT

Syamsul was sweet though :)
He accompany me at the bus stop while I was waiting for my brother to pick me up.
We talked and talked non stop. :P
From one topic, to another. haha! :)
He said that the way I act was weird. :D I was like, "Thats what makes me stand out" :)

Day 14; Someone you drifted away from.
I drifted away from my oldest brother since 8 years ago. I didn't know why?
Before he entered college, we used to play with each other.
I drifted away from my christian life. Which I build in form 1. But it took me just a few days, to ruin it. I don't know what happen?
Now I miss that christian life, I miss talking to my church friends. Now it seems awkward to even look at them. haiz!

Because I'm different. You won't find another Priscilla just like me. :)

Moral-of-the-story; Don't step on people head, if you don't want that to happen to you.


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