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  '6th August'
Posted at 8/07/2010 01:45:00 AM
6th August

Today. Nothing much leh D: haiz!
Just that yesterday my white shoes wet and dirty till I had to wear my sneakers. ==!!
I scared dirty, thats why I never wear them to school.
So today I very careful on where I walk. 
+My socks also all wet. ==!
So I wore my orange socks, with my sparkly shoelace sneakers.
Im so illegal today :D
Just now on my way back from photo shooting, I saw Cikgu Daisy behind me, walk fast in front.
scared already. Then I see Cikgu Lee Wee Na in front, slow down abit.
At the junction, I saw Cikgu Elizabeth. Haiz!
so dangerous one. But I just pretend nothing happen and walk fast2 xD
Oh! then, cikgu Elizabeth stop me.
She asked me, I what class leh. I answer I Beta class.
She say that she was finding someone but don't know the name.
My heart was pounding. I scared she want find me about the demerit thingy. *scare*
Then I asked her loe, that fellow is girl or boy.
She say boy. :D Thank God!~

Day 15; The Person You Miss The Most.
Everyone knows who I miss now. No need for me to say.
Hfff~ Jason. :'(


So cool the blog text edit :P
hahah! -sakai-

Moral-of-the-story; Don't play with fire, if you don't want to get burn.


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