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  Innovation Competition
Posted at 8/08/2010 02:43:00 PM
7th August 2010

I woke up at 7.30am thinking that I would make it to school on time for the Innovation Competition. But I
 guess wrong. xD haha! I was late. Syamsul and Lek Heng had to start without me. :P

Lek Heng with the contraptions. :)

We were given a balloon, a string, an egg, a piece of paper and scissors.
We were suppose to make a contraptions so the egg won't break after being thrown down a 3 floors building. :D We were thinking about parachute. So we tried to think on how to make one.
I knew how to make the egg stand the fall, but that wasn't enough :(
At the end of the time, Syamsul thought of something even better but there wasn't any time left.
So yeaa.. We have no confidence in our contraption but what the hell. :D
All the way, we were crossing finger hoping that our egg won't break.

Us :) Getting ready for the launching of our eggs. :P I'm in green shirt, left 3 :)
Guess what, I threw my egg. :D

Finger cross don't work. Sad to say. I knew that, but I never stop hoping. :X

Sie Tak them won :O
Haha! with Syamsul help leh. ==!! Wanna asked for prizes on Monday. :D haha!

After the competition, me and Syamsul walked to BDC together. :)
p/s we're just friends. ==!! Grrrr..
We talked a lot :) he's gonna move. :'( haiz! So it was like a sister-brother bonding time together. :)

This picture of Bella is cool :D The left side is the front page, and the right side is the back page. haha!

Jacky and he's friend. :) They were driving to BDC when they saw me and Syamsul walked to BDC but didn't give us a lift at all. ==!!
What a friend. xD
They don't know how to play Pool but they still waste money on it. xD ahaha!

Me and Syamsul waited for Patricia at Crystal Bowl. :)
After she come, me and her was like, hugging each other. haha! :P No matter how bad we are to each other, we still love each other. :) xD

We were hungry so we order pizza at Crystal Bowl there. :P
So long ar. ==!! If at Pizza Hut there, after 15 minutes give free pizza. :P ahaha! Unfortunately it's not. :D
Anyways, after Jacky finish playing, the pizza still haven't come. ==! Ass~

I was about to go complain, when the pizza come. :) Finally~
Peperoni pizza :) It was delicious. Better than Pizza Hut cause if Pizza Hut there the cheese makes me wanna puke if eat so much. ==!! This one, they put Prego on the cheese there. Nyum3 :)

Ngehehe. :P This kid so clever he play pool. Better than Jacky and his friend. :D

Nom.. Nom... Nom.... :D

Syamsul eating as if the pizza is steak. ==!! He eat use fork and knife. x)

After finish eating, me, Pat and Syamsul walk walk in Everise. :)
Nothing to see, we go HnL. xD

Syamsul posing with the bra at HnL. :D ahha! He very pervert. x)
Haha! LOL. Nolh. I force him. :D I even force him to look at pads.
Me and Pat are evil. :D

Syamsul ask me to take a picture of the bad code to scan at the scanner.
See whether can scan or not. xD


Picts ;)


After walking around BDC, I went to Pat house and Syamsul went home. :)
Pity him. :"( He had to walked home, alone. haiz!
But thanks again Syamsul for accompanying me throughout my days when I'm lonely. :)

I'm sorry I couldn't accept you. It's not that I don't like you.
It's just that, You are not the one.

Day 16; Someone That's Not In Your State/Country.
Kent :) He is not in the same state as me, but the same country. haha! :D
Nothing much about him. This few days, he keeps me wondering.
But still, he always keeps me wondering since the first day I know him. :P
Cass ask me whether if I wanna "attack" him.
I told her this, "Not to be a nerdsm" hahahahha! :D
His just not my type. :)

Moral-of-the-story; Life is no nintendo game. So play it right. :)

Dhaa ^^

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