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Posted at 8/27/2010 02:03:00 PM
Exam! ;)

Bm; Okay. Except for the cerpen thing. :P I don't know how to answer the persoalan thingy. haha!
I will never learn to study komsas properly. :D

Add Maths; Okay? Can answer almost everything except the Coordinate Geometry. TT
I wasn't really paying to much attention on that topic, all I care was function and Locus.
Who knew, it ended up biting me in the ass. :(
Got 1 question about Function, 1 on Locus, 5 on Coordinate Geometry. DIE!
and 3 on statistic. haiz! :( I scared I fail. TT
Chemistry; Die i guess? But luckily got objective question, xD I can't really answer the electrochemistry chapter though. hahaxx! I don't understand that chapter at all. :( All I know is tomato can also produce electricity, and thats now even in the chapter. ==
Sejarah; Die! Die! The don't know how to answer the structure question. D: Lucky got objective and essay question. haiz! confirm fail. :((
+Before the test, I told Cass to focus on Adat Pepatih and Temenggung thing cause who knows got come out as an essay question. :P haha! True2 come out.

Physics; I studied half dead for this. :) I memorize and understand the formula. But it seems to be at no use. == Grrr... Most of the calculation come out, only about finding the weight and the volume of an object.
English; Easy as pie. :P Just one question I couldn't get. What is "Stick No Bill" ?

Biology; Studied my ass off for this one. But I got my facts all jumbled up and wrong. TT
Diee!! Anyways, Cikgu Fa-athien gave me the question paper to early. He gave it when I was about to keep my notes, ;3 I got the opportunity to see a few answers. 
+I wasn't cheating. xD
Maths; No comment. x) I didn't study at all. Hope I pass. xP
Moral; Before the test, I read over all the difinition. And cramp it all into my head. :P haha!
+Don't say I didn't prepare early. I did. :D ahaha!
The test was okay? But I guess I got my nilai and definisi all jumbled up. :P whatever lh~
PJK; did this test in around 20 minutes. :D I didn't even study. Most of the question were common sense question and got some about biology. :)
Sivik; I did this in 9 minutes. :D hahahaha! ~

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