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Posted at 8/01/2010 01:44:00 PM
31st July 2010

Yesterday was awesome, but I don't feel any happiness.

I arrived school in the morning, and saw a groups of outsiders at the guard station. Thought it was footballers, but it's actually badmintons players. :)

Anyways, Betpha(4 Beta+5 Alpha) made history happen at the caves in Bau yesterday. :)
First, we took an hour bus trip to Wind Cave. Pretty boring. All we could see was bats. == and their presents around everywhere. +it stinks! Grr~
haha! The whole time, I was with Kevin. erm.....
I saw Syamsul eyes. Their waren't happy eyes. I feel guilty. TT

After Wind Cave, we begged Madam Flowrese to bring us to Fairy Cave too! :D haha!
Fairy Cave was so much better than Wind Cave. No stinky bat poops. and the scenery is much more amusing. ^^
But, we had to climbed four floors to get to the top. MyGawd! == So tiring.

Thats not the end of the climbing though. We had to climb a few more steps to get to the Garden in the cave. But although it is tiring, it was worth it. :)

ehehehe~ It was windy though. People said that we were above sea level. How cool :)
And, we thought that Fairy Cave should be name Wind Cave cause it's more windy. :P
Anyways, the Garden was full with rocks and more stairs, but to our dissapointment, they were no fairies. D: ahahaha! ;)
I keep on slipping. == It was super dangerous there. *scared* I nearly fell. xP

When we wanted to go down, me and Kevin helped a group of Indians tourist/family. :)
They said that they were from KL and got also from Bangladesh. :D ahha!
They went to Bau market to buy somethings. So far, ==!! from Kuching to Bau.
Then they say they come across the Fairy Cave notice board. So they decided to enter. :P
The ones from Bangladesh was wearing Saree. And they wore their casual attire. ==!!
high heels, jeans and so on. And they were without flash lights. :P Pity them~~

We arrived school at 12pm+ :) ehehehe~ I immedietly changed my clothes. I'm dirty and smelly. :P ahha!

Picts ;)

Wind Cave

The entrance from inside.

The river.

Errr.. poop.. ==

Someone declare their love here. xD

Fairy Cave

Teacher say this is Nestle paddy field. :)


Me and Kevin.

Me and Syamsul.

Me and Husna.

Keith and Renee. How cute ^^

Keith :))

Two candid photos of people sleeping. xD

Hui Sze shirt got bat poop :D

Moral-of-the-story; Never lie about how you feel. Just express it. No matter how hurtful it is to that someone.


wait! theirs more of this day :D ahahaha! Look up post! :P

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