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Posted at 8/03/2010 11:08:00 PM
Day 12; The Person You Hate Most/Cause You A Lot Of Pain.

The person I hate the most is Jason. :D
He cause me a lot of pain. :P And he still manage to steal my heart. ==!!
See how evil he is. xD haha!
That is why I hate him so, so, so, so FREAKING much. :)


I fought with Syamsul cousin. :3 haha! She thought I'm Syamsul though.
LOL. :D She so terlebih diajar betul. ==
How can she disown her own cousin. Bah! She so tidak mengenang jasa. :3

I wanna rant in blog. :O Cause I have nobody to listen to me. :P haha!

First of all, potassium :)
I wanna say I'm sorry cause I hurt you when I promise not to. TT,
Saturday was fun(eihh? -sarcasm-), but I feel different with you. Not different good, but different bad.
From there, I know you are not the one.
If we can't be more than friends, like I promise, than we can just be friends.
But why, why, why you won't treat me in class?
I feel like a stranger every time I past you. :(
Hmpphh.. I wanna text you, but I don't dare. I'm afraid that I'll give you more empty promises.
Haiz! But at least, I've told you before how dangerous I am.

The seconds rant is for Jason. :P haha!
Who am I to you? when you really need me, you'll find me?
But when I really need you, you treat me like a piece of shit. ==!!
I know you're tired from working. Tired of living. Tired of me.
But at least you should show me some respect.
Not bluntly call me stupid for no reason.
Yes! I am stupid. For still helping you.
FYI, I let you go already. You are nothing in me. Thanks a lot much. D:

The third one is for Sulphur. :P
(I should stop naming boys using chemistry names) :D
I couldn't help it. D: haiz!
All I want is to be near you. But I know I don't love you. :) Cause I know I LOVE GOD more.
I wish you wasn't a muslim. Than everything would be okay.

Moral-of-the-story; Yes! Miracles don't always happen.


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