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  Someone from Your Childhood
Posted at 8/08/2010 03:00:00 PM
Day 17; Someone From Your Childhood.
Someone from my childhood huh? :) Let me think first. haha! xD
erm.. erm.. who ar? :P Ah~ I know.
Amy Lee Li Fei. :) My mum. xDxD ahahah!
She goes to the same kindergarten as me. She was one of my closest friend in kindergarten besides Laura and Alice. :) and Natasha. That US girl. haha! She's pretty. I wonder what happen to her. :S
Anyways, back to the story!
Amy in kindergarten very crybaby one. :D haha!
Whats funny is, I don't know what is her name back then :)
We separated after entering primary school. We never met then. :)
Till now. I first met her on the first day of secondary school. She was in Ungu class and I'm in Biru.
The moment I look at her, I already dislike her. xD Cause she was too talkative. wakakaka!
As days goes by, I started to see her almost everyday cause her class just next door, and we same ERT. :)
I found out she was my kindergarten friend when she told me. xP
Ahhh~ Funny. haha! :))
I chose her among all my childhood friends because we found ourself back after years of separation.
=) and just because she is the same class as me now. Just like 10 years ago. :)

Moral-of-the-story; Never give up hoping even though you know, it's not going to happen.
Just think of the next day as LIFE and you'll soon get over ONCE-UPON-A-TIME.

Dhaa ^^


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