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  Not over you
Posted at 8/09/2010 07:52:00 PM
Day 18; The Person That You Wish You Could Be.
I would chose to say that I don't want to be anybody, but than it's a lie. xD
Most people would choose to be someone pretty or popular or edgy.
But for me, I prefer someone small, quiet but at the same time who live life to the fullest. :)
Her name is Cassandra Renee. She is my bestfriend, and also the girl who sat beside me, whom listen to every of my rants in class. :) 
I want to be her because, eventhough her life is empty but it's meaningful. :3
She never felt what it feels like to cry over love. 
Her life is meaningful because she knows how to make boring things become fun. x)


Today, I went to school for PUM. and the whole afternoon raining. GREAT! 
Just when I didn't bring my umbrella it rains. ==
 I sat at the hall there with Melvina and Adib and Syazwi whom skip PJK class for a while. :P
As I was starring, I saw a figure walking towards the hall. It was my ex. *GASP* 
Adib was like, "who's ex is that" xD Then he ejek2 me D: 
I got so angry that I threw my sandals at him. x) haha! so funny to see him in pain. xD
Anyways, lucky it doesn't rain till 6+. xD Around 5 like that, dady pick me up. :)
Go he's office. I go Spring. xD
My supervisor gave me RM3 for working 3 hours the other day. :P LOL~

Today full one month, I single. :D haha!
So sappy(sad+happy) till I want to celebrate it. xD

Heyy,, it's been a month, and I'm still NOT OVER YOU. :D
Thanks a lot. pff~
I always find small excuses just to see you every week. :) Do you realize it? haha!

People told me that, you were only in my life just so I could learn how to live it well.
God send you to me, just so I could learn to grow up and appreciate life.
I guess their right. :)
And now you're gone, I've learn a lot. so, heh~ Thanks :)

Drugs are not worth it. You are my drug though. So you're not worth it.
I won't regret the things we did together. Forever and always.

My love craps of the day :D

Moral-of-the-story; Never hurt a girl feeling. You'll regret it. x)

Dhaa :D


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