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  The friendliest person you knew for only a day
Posted at 8/19/2010 12:11:00 AM
The pathway :P ahha! -OTW back from tuition-
BTW, I walked back. How awesome is that, -sarcasm- xD

Day 27; The Friendliest Person You Knew For Only One Day.
I've met so much friendly person. 
I'm not really sure, if any of those friendly person start of friendly, cause usually they'll shy at first. :)
ermmm... Let's see, if I remember any. x)
Ahh.. I don't :P ahha!

Today, nothing much ler. haiz! This few days all boring leh. :P haha!

Today got tuition afternoon and night. waliuu~
I wasn't really in the mood for physics tuition today, plus, today start new chapter which is kinda boring?
Grrr... haha! 
But don't know why suddenly I'm in the mood for add maths tuition.
Suddenly find it fun? :P haha! LOL

Anyways, today, during BM lesson very odd leh. LOL
Not to mean anything lh, but is it me or is the whole class doing their BM work in class today as Cikgu Mazlina told us to do so. Usually, a quarter would be talking and NOT finish their work, a quarter would be playing around like monkeys;breakdancing, a quarter would act don't care and the rest would finished it. :P
But today different, even Sie Tak, Harry do their work. :D haha! even ME manage to finish it. :D

Oh2, Just now I asked Cikgu Ling a few question from my tuition add maths work. :P
She explained2. Then I was like, "then teacher?" she was like, "what then loe? finish already" :D
hahaa! The question short nia, I leave big empty space for it. ==" sweat drop,, haiz!
She say me think so much. :P I think so too, Cass says so too. TT,
i guess thats why I failed my test. :D LOL cause I think the answer very long but actually short. :3

I guess nothing liao lh. TT boring~

Moral-of-the-story; One who think low of themself, is definitely a LOW-er of themself.
So never think LOW of yourself, neither does BIG. So just medium so no one would care to judge you. But still, nobody perfect and everyone is just equal. So nothing is to judge. :D ahha!



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