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  Dear Parents
Posted at 8/20/2010 03:31:00 PM
Dear parents,
Even though I hang around with my friend who is a boy, doesn't always mean they are my boyfriends.

Day 29; The Person That You Want To Tell Everything To, But Too Afraid To.
Jayson. xD haha! Him again? pfff~
Well, I am being dishonest to him. haha! Don't love him anymore, pff, that's crap. :P
erm? but then? I don't feel any love for him anymore, just that I miss him abit. :(
And that's sad. haiz!

Priscilla: -Thinks: Sure Syamsul don't know tomorrow got physic peka. :3-
Syamsul! you know tomorrow got chemistry peka. :P I know you didn't do your peka yet.
-Thinks that Syamsul will get shock and stuff-
Syamsul: yah, I know. Asyikin told us just now. And yah, I already do lh.
Priscilla: Hah! Wtf? Tomorrow got peka chemistry kh? Don't lie. =="
Syamsul: Aie? Why I lie?
-Priscilla then panic and text everyone-

Obviously my act of wanting to get him scared failed. In the end, I got scared myself. xD
Well, lucky I did what I did, otherwise, I'll be the only LOST person in Chemistry Lab just now. :D

Patricia come to school just now. :3
And I was late for Moral because I go menyibuk go and find her. :D
Then, Cikgu Roslizawati punished the late comers by asking them to stand up. pss! =="
Then do work also stand up. haiz! :P
Me and Cass do so many jokes about it. :3
Like, "Teacher, my doctor told me not to stand up to long otherwise my penyakit laziness come back again"  hahaha! :D
Then, Desmond was so frustrated cause I block his view. :P But I ignore him. :P
Biar him~ hahaha!

Syamsul was all cranky today. ==
And I was like feeling so guilty about it. o.O haiz!
So the whole day, I couldn't really concentrate on what I was doing. :P
But when go back time, I waited for him at the classroom door, but I was so shy, I walked away from him.
But when I on the way go to bus stop, he waited for me at Kedai Apek there. :)
We talked, and talked until dady come. :P
I knew dady was going to say something about me and Syamsul. ==
Yeeessshh, me being with him, doesn't mean we're couple. Grr

Moral-of-the-story; Learn to accept the unacceptable.


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