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  Old folks home :]
Posted at 8/28/2010 06:18:00 PM

Hun Nam Siang Tng

Today, Cikgu Ellena brought Alpha+Beta+Gama+Erh? Carol what class? :P Nevermind~
Last night I sleep late, :P Up playing Sims. haha!
Than, this morning I nearly can't wake up. :D LOL

Anyways, It's my first time being in an old folks home. :)
I wish Cikgu Roslizawati would asked us to do the moral kerja kursus now, I could put the old folks as my first folio topic. :P ehehe~

And I made new friends ^^
Cass was so afraid, I do something stupid.
Than today, I always kena tinggal her and Syamsul D:
LOL, I always walked so fast and ahead of them. :P

Picts ;)

Notice board :)

Mdm Ellena and her son. :) It looks like her son very curious and she's like warning him not to run away. :P

1/4 of Michelle and Eling. :P
At the Old Folks home clinic. =) so many medicine. o.O

The Girls bedroom. :)

I don't know why I take this. But this is the bathroom. :P

Second floor bedroom. :) Got man read newspaper. :P ehehehe~

Kitchen? At the 2nd floor. :)

The roof. This so cool. :O
Imagine them, dating under the bright stary sky. :)
(think to much)

Down, Down, Down :)

One of the bed at the 2nd floor room. Got candy beside there, :P

Entrance+Clinic :)

Statistic :)


I made three new friends? :)
But theirs only one I can't stop thinking of and I keep on telling my parents about her.
I don't know her name?
She's the only lady that can speak english cause she's a Marian.
She just started working at the age of 20 when Malaysia reach it's independence day.
Her father died during the war. I nearly cried hearing her story. :(
Since then, her mum got so busy with work, trying to find a living.
And she always got beaten up by her step-father. aww :(
She told us(me, Phyllis, Janice) that she got a step-brother who every month would visit her there.
And give her monthly allowance. aww.
At least, there's someone who still cares for her. :)
She is 70 years old. But it's amazing that she still remembers her younger age.

This Tze Haw, chair for other people, he go and sit down. :P

In the bus. :)
See... This two left me again. D:
They sit together, me sit alone. :(
LOL. Cass wanted to sit beside the window, and I wanted too.
That's why she sit with Syamsul cause he let her have the seat beside the window. :P
Anyways, got people steal our back sit, that's why we had to sit separately. Grrr
I so lonely. Haiz! xD
+I'm the silent breaker. haha! I go and play song loud2. :P
the people in the bus so quiet. ==

 Me emo alone. :P
(Don't mind my rudeness)

After we arrived school, I feel funny.
Check2 I come period. == wow! why this month two times? :O
And I was wearing white pants, ==
Lucky I detect early. :P

After that, me, Syamsul, Cassandra, Janice and Phyllis walked to 101 there.
I crave kolo me!

Anyways, we sat down at the coffee shop for 1 hour plus. :D
We talked and talked and gossip.
Then, we play truth or dare. o.O walao!
So funny. Syamsul dare Janice to scream. She screamt. I swore I could feel vibration in my ears.
It was so loud, and everyone stared at us. Lucky not many people. :P
Than, Phyllis dare Cass to stand up the chair for 10 second. haha!
So funny, we laugh like what ar. :D

Then we finally got up and went to Choice Premier. :)
When I got on the ride, Ah Yong suddenly come down from that staircase.
So cun. xD ahahha!
So malu me. :( hahahahhaha!

Syamsul buy for me. :) Thanks kiddo ^^

Moral-of-the-story; Get ready for any danger ahead. 

Dhaa ^^

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