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  Physics Exhibition
Posted at 8/14/2010 12:54:00 AM
I sore throat D: Thanks to singing our voices out. ==!!

Anyways, today nothing much happen leh. :P
Just that, first time I eat ONLY ice cream during recess. Thanks to Leslie ler.. xD
Go asked me what ice cream got sell at Koperasi. :3
haha! He says that he don't want to eat ice cream cause it would made a grown man like him look childish. 
True. :P haha! But then again, age isn't limited for fun. :)

Ermm.. Today no ISCF ler. so feel weird abit. xD ahah!
Afternoon I come back school again. For the maths and science thingy. :P LOL~
I'm the singer. But to bad, me, Olga, Husna and Rodney didn't get to sing. It's like our hard-work didn't pay off. :( Grrr~ I got a sore throat for it too!
Nevermind ler~

Anyways, I went to play with Cikgu Ling at the physics exhibition. :P haha!
She showed us a balloon trick. Poke a stick through it. :3
I had the difficulty to poke the stick though. :P ahha! I'm very the weak. xD
But I managed to :) Syamsul was really scared. :3 haha!

Naughty boys. :3

The Betanians was left  up the stage to destroy it. We played with Cikgu Law Mea Tan laptop, the microfons and the PA system. :3 If Cikgu Jessing know, sure die ler.. xD

As usual, Go dady office, then walk across to Spring. :3
Jayson off ler. So the only place I'll be visiting is Bata. :) Haha!
I got so bored in there, so I go to the balcony and rant about the couples to Roland. :P
Poor him, have to bear with my jealousy of watching couples together. haha!
Anyways, while I was staring down, I say something. :P Odd~
So I took a picture of it. :3

The SlumberLand mascot. :3 haha! It was wondering around the ground floor. Poor it. :3 haha!
So I went down to chase him cause I want to take picture with him. :)
ahaha! :3

My new boyfriend ler. :P haha!
He's gay(soft) =)

Pris bully him. :3 haha!

I knock he's head, testing, xD He sulk and run away. Till I had to catch him. :D

BTW, he is 21 years old. :3 haha! and he's deaf. :P
LOL. Not real deaf lh. Just deaf cause he use that costume. :P

Day 22; Someone You Want Too Give A Second Chance To.
Nobody I guess. Haha! :3
Nobody I know worth to take a second chance from me. :P

Moral-of-the-story; Second chances always are okay, but third time is a big No. :)


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