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  Bye online world
Posted at 8/22/2010 09:46:00 PM
I want to go offline for a week. Just till the exam finish. :) 
So, GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU STUPID FACEBOOK. :O Errr.. I'm sorry facebook, :'( didn't mean to say you stupid.. TT, It's just that you're so tempting and I really need to pass my exams, D: 
I know you've been there for me ever since before, you are where I met that one special guy. You were there when I fought with him. You were there when I needed to asked about my school homeworks. 
You made me search for friends that comfort me during my lonely times. You keep me away from boredom.
I'm so glad you're always there for me, But I guess I must leave you for a while. It's just for a week. So don't worry, facebook. :(
No,, I still you, just that, I really need to focus.. TT, alalalala~ don't cry. :( k lerr,, I promise to... online use phone kay, :) Don't sulk anymore darling. :) you facebook! :'))

"Spongebob! Your drawing is flying!" "Huh? Do you know what does this means?" "Your art can never be hang in a museum" :DD

I've been spending my days by watching Korean drama and spongebob. :P haha! Now, I want to finish typing Cass Script than go study. :P

Tomorrow test ler, TT. Start of with BM. haiz! :(
Won't be online-ing. Pray for me, ;) And good luck Gaporians! ;)

 BTW, tomorrow is Dora birthday. :P haha! Me and Syamsul going to celebrate it later. :D haha!
Bumenoss! Dora taught me a lot when I was her age. :P (funny that she never grew older)
That is how to speak spanish and learn how to find the way to her adventure despite that she could do it herself. plus, she has a map. ==" 


Moral-of-the-story; Be nice  and STOP torturing yourself. :)


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