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  Jason :/
Posted at 8/27/2010 02:26:00 PM

I wrote a two page essay on Jason just now. :)
And turn it into an aeroplane. haha! LOL, so long already didn't spell aeroplane, :P

Anyways, today I really get hard on Gregory. :3
I go and make accomplice with Hafizah them, go and steal he's bag. :D haha!
So before I went down for recess, me and Cass steal he's bag.
Than I purposely enter class late, cause I know he will find me. hahahaha! :D
So, yeaa.. Until go back home than he go and find me for he's bag.
"Waaa.. Berani ho you!" :P ngahaha!
He say he's going to get me back. OMG. :O Wonder what is he going to do. LOL
hope not steal my bag lh, xP

I'm cruel. >;D
He told me that the teacher till want to report it to PK Hem ar. Walao!
Imagine if that would have happen, :P

Anyways, EXAM FINISH lerr :))
And I can online again. weeee! :))

Tomorrow go Old Folks home at Sekama there. :) With Syamsul and Cass and some other students with Cikgu Ellena. :P haha!
Cass scared I make people die tomorrow, :O LOL

The hamper, Sunway Pyramid gave my dad. :P

Moral-of-the-story; Follow your instinct. :)



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